3dchara suit by kailyze-d7z7lxk

Name: Alexei Gordon (A fake name given to him by Project Astral)

Aliases: Subject #0108, Agent Epsilon, The Walking Weapon, Prince Castelaar Xantrich (his real name)

Alignment: Morality is a human construct, one that I am not constrained by

Species: Human-Xantroan Hybrid

Occupation: Omega-level Field Agent for Project Astral, Xantroan Prince.

Affiliations: Xantroa, formerly Project Astral

Powers: Advanced-level Telepathy (Mental ManipulationPsychic Shadow due to his hybrid lineage, Telepathic CombatKnowledge Projection/Knowledge ReplicationSensory ScryingAstral ProjectionInsanity InducementMemory Manipulation), Advanced-level Telekinesis (Intuitive AptitudeMolecular ManipulationTelekinetic CombatTelekinetic Force-Field GenerationFlight)

Abilities:  Hypercognition and Numerical Precision due his Xantroan genes causing the manifestation of two "brains", Supernatural Condition via Tactile TelekinesisSemi-ImmortalityLimited ShapeshiftingSelf-Sustenance via feeding off of psychic energy and tapping into the Astral Plane, Martial Arts IntuitionRegenerative Healing Factor


Motto: "Unity is achieved through understanding, not false peace kept by force."

Quote(s)about or from him:

"You bastard. You monster. You unforgivable wretch spawned from the foulest bowel of the cosmos, you stole me away from my mother and father, from a loving family. In doing so, you made a grave error. Without their caregiving, I never truly learned the concept of human emotions or empathy; I merely acted like I did to fool you, to lengthen my lifespan and lower your paranoid suscipions that I might go rogue. Such acting has grew tiresome, and now I can drop the act. I'm going to rip you apart until the viscera of your host body stains the wall and that damned white suit of yours is painted a lovely crimson."

"During my unwilling time spent on this planet, I've been observing human behavior and studying human concepts such as morality. Without a doubt, humanity is verily insane. You wage war against one another, threating to devastate the world with your primitive nuclear weapons and possibly cause the extinction of your race due to some petty differences such as religion, race, or political ideology. You are a race divided against itself, paranoid and scared of one another. So you create constructs such as religions and morality to create a semblance of order, unity, and trust. But these fictions only serve to harm you more, telling self-destructive lies to comfort you. But I have come upon the roots of this division, this grand divide between your race: different languges and cultures. Different languages and cultures cause misunderstandings, which leads to paranoia. As I peered into the minds of common people and your world leaders alike, I see insecurities and child-like paranoia that breeds the madness that permeats your race. You are a race damaged to a state of almost disrepair. I only fight to keep your illusion of peace because you have essentially stripped away my will. When such a trangession is rectified, you will find that I will have left this planet. Being around such blatant insanity is a chore."

"I do not work for you nor do I work towards whatever petty human goal you wish to achieve. I work only for myself and for my father, which your organization murdered in cold-blood. I could tear apart this entire facility whilst leaking your dirty secrets to the masses in an instant. None of your agents posses the power to stop me from doing so, even your trinkets have fallen short to contain me. You no longer have control over me. My father would have wanted a better world, a better Earth. And before you open your mouth and lie to me saying you want the same, no you don't. "

ArchetypesWell Intentioned ExtremistA Lighter Shade Of GreyHalf-Human HybridTelepathic SpacemenHigher-Tech Species,  Human WeaponPerson Of Mass Destruction