Name: Aleister Thanatos

Aliases: Thanatos, Tombstone, Gatekeeper, Keeper of Akasha, Right Eye of the Great Serpent

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Occupation(s): Information Broker, Keeper of the Akashic Records



Motto: "Knowledge will forever be its own reward."


"The current Sorcerer Eternal, or 'Professor Eternity' as he likes to call himself, is a fool completely oblivious to our plans and our motives, as he is far too swept up in playing dress-up and being ever so cavalier with the power he wields. If he does detect our magical interferences, it would be a miracle: the golden child of the ancient mystics finally decided to do his job for once."

"Viktor Freeman, quite the interesting name you have on you. A cursory glance through my Akashic records reveal that a certain tin-man with a superiority complex and genius-level intellect shares the same name. Quite the perplexing coincidence, isn't it? So, Paragon, what do you want from me? My time is not to be wasted on superheroes barging into my sanctum as if they're the Convictus Mystica."


Archetypes: Magnificent Bastard/Chessmaster , Affably Evil, Pragmatic VillainSeeker of KnowledgeThe Dreaded(Amongst most magical beings), For Knowledge