In the beginning, there was a vast vacancy of nothingness, know to humans, as a void. Within this void, there were great, powerful, and terrible beings. These eldritch creatures populated this void and writhed in the absolute darkness. They filled it strange sounds, created ghastly ideas and concepts, and thrived in their own madness. Amongst such unspeakable horrors, was a singularity.

This singularity was the spark of creation, the essence of existence. It contained less terrible concepts and infinite potential. It unleashed its essence into the void and drove out the beasts within the void. The void was like a canvas and it began to paint existence. It was messy, disjointed, and unruly.

While the omniversal totality, that many call existence or creation, was still in the early stages of nascence, chaos and discord ruled. The cosmic axis was off kilter. Countless universes cried out in pain. Over time, this singularity gained a sense of sentience, and realizing the chaos reigned, it began to craft "physical" forms for the concepts that it contained within itself and set them to govern the totality that it had created. It began to refer to itself as the Alpha Reality. 

From the cosmic foam of reality arose the first Primordial and it thought itself to have the  task,to create, preserve, or destroy realities. Knowing such a task would be impossible by itself, it created others of its likeness and installed itself as their ruler, the Prime Truth.

However, these beings knew not the concept of self-control. They went on and destroyed and created with reckless abandon, much to the chagrin of the conceptual beings. One High Ancient had developed feelings and emotions for these lesser beings and tried to plead with the others to stop this, but the others did not listen. Because of that, the first Prime Truth payed the price of the disruption of the omniversal order at the hand of Death.

This High Ancient discarded his title and left the Primordial Hall for the rest of eternity. It went and bargained with Time to be its Guardian, but Time was reluctant. After some convincing, this former High Ancient, Konos, was made the Guardian of Time itself.

The Cosmic Pantheon: the Gods and Cosmic Entities of Totality

Given the nature of existence, id est., it's infinite potential, there are many cosmic entities, gods, and horrors beyond human imagination. There exists a cosmic pantheon of sorts, with the Architect, the Alpha Reality's main avatar. The rest of the pantheon as follows:

Higher Notio:

  • The Higher Notio are the very concepts that make up reality. They are the fundamental basis for reality and are essential to its existence. Concepts such as Death, Chaos, Order, Balance, Time, Space, Reality, Destruction, Creation, etc. are considered Higher Notio. Higher Notio are beings that can be considered true immortals, for they are eternally indesctructible and incapable of death, and are immensely powerful. They are capable of manipulating or destroying entire multiverses (some can create them) and bypassing the laws of logic, among other feats. They preform their desginated cosmic function with impunity.

The Primordials:

  • The Primordials are a race of beings formed from residual cosmic foam and the essence of creation. They have taken it upon themselves to police all of totality, creating, destroying, and preserving realities as they see fit. However, they do this with great ire from Higher Notio, who often kill Primordials who interfere with their function. The most powerful of the Primordials, the Prime Truth, can manipulate or destroy multiverses, but it is still bound by the laws of logic and reality. 

Those Who Walk the Void:

  • Those Who Walk the Void are the eldritch creatures that populated the primordial void before creation existed. They have been sealed away outside of creation, locked inside pockets of unreality to keep them contained. However, this does not mean they can't influence beings inside of existence to try and free them. Should they be freed, they would began to devour all of creation until only a void remained. They work through an order of beings called Void Priests.

Konos, the Guardian of Time:

  • Konos, the Guardian of Time and Space is a former Primordial who saw the error of its race's ways before they did. To make up for what it did in the past, it became the Guardian of Time and Space as penance. It has unparalleled control over space-time, its skill surpasses that of its former race. Should the laws of space-time be broken, it will appear to the offender, punish them, and fix the resulting anomalies. It still retains some of its former abilities, such as true immortality.

Lower Notio:

The Great Destroyer:


How Superpowers and Magic Operate

The Cosmology of the Omniverse