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    Name: Avery Lancaster

    Age: 22

    Shadow Name: Julius C. Ramsey

    Virtue: Prudence

    Vice: Pride 

    Derangement(s): None

    Path: Moros

    Order: The Adamantine Arrow

    Legacy:  Forge Masters

    Concept: Modern Artificer, Futuristic Alchemist, Soldier-Scientist

    Arcanum:Matter, Death, Prime, Mind, Forces

    Rank: Adept

    Attainments: The Master's Hand, Primal Tempering, Primal Forge

    Motto: "We must learn from the past to help shape the future."

    Quotes:  "Give me a minute and I'm a handful. An hour? I'm a serious threat. A day? I'm unstoppable. Don't test me, little man. Your operation to undermine Mr. Winchester's business by killing him ends now. And if it doesn't, expect a visit from the Horizon Council and the Special Police Corps. I'm sure they'd love to know the identity of …

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  • NyricTheDeceiver

    Name: Isaiah Rivers

    Age: 28

    Shadow Name: Brother Black

    Virtue: Faith

    Vice: Lust

    Derangement: None

    Path: Mastigos

    Ministry: The Ministry of Paternoster

    Prelacy:  Doctrine

    Legacy:  Architects of the Future

    Concept: Soldier of God, Uncompromising Zealot, Wealthy Philanthropist

    Arcanum: Mind (Master), Space (Master), Time (Adept), Prime (Adept), Fate (Adept)

    Rank: Master

    Prelacy Powers:  Crown of Doctrine, Sword of Doctrine, Temple of Doctrine

    Attainment(s): Spider's Edge, Sensing Danger (always active; danger only), Weaving the Future

    Motto:  "The burden of choice is eradicated under our Father."

    Quotes: "Christianity. Islam. Hinduism. Judaism. These are all just tools, instruments used by the us, the righteous, to weed out the unholy and heretical. Have you…

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  • NyricTheDeceiver

    The Last Hunt

    February 27, 2016 by NyricTheDeceiver

    (Order: Grand, EMC, Vulture)

    -The Bronx borough. 10:32 P.M. Eastern Standard Time-

    The crisp, cold night air, littered with white snow that fell from the heavens, was filled with the sounds of cars driving and the bright lights typical of a metropolis of New York's size. Almost everyone else was sleep or preparing to, the lights shining from many houses going off, and those who were awake were more active than ever.

    Be it because a Hallow was located here, the Gauntlet was weak in this location, or something else entirely, the Bronx was a hotspot of supernatural activity, mage or not. Task Force VALKYRIE, a government conspiracy dedicated to hiding the existence of the supernatural froom the public and that specialize in hunting monsters down…

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