Name:Hybrid Crosswing

Personality:Quiet Guy (sometimes),Shy (with girls),Rude (Only with Demons or evil persons)

Appereance:Purple Hooded Long Jacket,Red old scarf,Boots,Long pants,Tied up hoodie,Leather gloves

Weapons:Dual Sword that can be transform into Trident or Scythe,hidden blades on both arms,chain with blade hidden in arm,Claws

Powers:Nephalem Physiology Powers




Details:Dirty Angel wings And horns (Right horn is broken),He is eyeless from the right side that eye was brown with red and the other eye (the non eyeless one) was red and blue with purple flame,big cut on torso (that cut is when he blocked the attack that was going to kill her sister),he has 3 scars on his left eye

Power:Normal Nephalem Powers and Transformantions


Beast mode

Dark Mode

Seraphim Mode

God mode or Transcendent Nephalem

Likes:Spend Time with her Little sister,Hunt demons,Murder Brutally demons that got involded in his parents's death,Puns

Doesn't Like:Demons,Being flirted by seductive girls,Seing his sister suffer

Objetive:Kill all demons

  • When Hybird uses all his transforms at the same time he becomes a Supreme God of Vengeance*

Backstory:Hybird's dad was a demon but he was different than the other demons.he was merciful and kind.her mother was normal like every other angel but she had a crush on Hybrid's dad they where good friends,they became a couple,after many years of a secret love they got a child they named him Hybrid 

Hybrid was very innocent but weak.his dad taught him to use powers her mom teached him to use healing magic.when Hybrid was a grown child he had a sister.Slash Crosswing

he was very happy.but happynnes can't last forever......

When Hybrid was a Teen he was back to the Purgatory but there where demons and another Nephalem

the other Nephalem attacked with not even mercy and killed both parents

Hybrid was in shock but then he noticed her lil sister about to get killed so he blocked the attack

the hit was very strong that stunded him letting a chance to the Nephalem to kill him. the other Nephalem stabbed him in the eyes and the brain his regeneration was deactivated for 10 seconds

after getting stabbed they tear out his heart and died

Many years later.........

The Reaper founded his dead corpse.The Reaper was able to bring him back from the dead but his soul was broken apart.he used a little girl soul to bring him back to life...

after that The Reaper told him that he needed him to kill demons so he can kill people without problems

in that moment he remenbered his parents death....Hybrid full of Hatred and Despair he accepted

After Hybrid killed an army of demons the little girl's ghost was following him the little girl treated Hybrid like a big brother Hybrid called her Eliza.....After he was bringed back to life he promise to avenge his parents and kill every demon even if he must risk his own life.

Battle Theme:Sonic.exe Nightmare Beginning - Destroyed Mind OST