Jason Ravage
Badass gentleman by sirwendigo-d770h2g
Alias Devourer, Shadow Wolf, The Monster Who Eats Monsters, The Predator of Predators
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Demon-Werewolf Hybrid
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday May 14
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace Hell Dimension
Affiliation United Nations
Occupation Monster Hunter, Special Ops
Base of Operations New York City, New York

Eric Ravage - Father

Lilith - Mother


Jason is a tall man, standing just over 6'4" with wide shoulders and a muscular physique.  He has shoulder length dirty blonde hair with blue eyes, a slight tan and a number of tattoos.  He likes to dress well, most often wearing button-down shirts, suspenders, dress pants and dress shoes.




Demon-Werewolf Hybrid

  • Adaptive Regeneration: Every time he regenerates from a wound he gains a slight resistance to being harmed that way again.
  • Darkness Manipulation: He has exceptional control over darkness and shadows, able to generate them or manipulate already existing sources.  His control is such that he can easily create solid constructs and commonly creates barriers, spiked knuckles and spears while fighting and can project beams and blasts of darkness.  He can also travel through shadows and though it is more taxing, he can take others with him.
    • Consuming Darkness: His darkness has the unique ability to devour other beings and enhance Jason with the powers and abilities that they possess.  He commonly manifests this aspect of his darkness by creating wolves from all the shadows in his vicinity which then begin to devour anyone he wishes.
  • Hell-Fire: Due to his demonic heritage he is capable of generating Hell-Fire which is capable of burning nearly anything, including souls and intangible beings and doesn't require any fuel to continue burning and can only be extinguished by his will.
  • Supernatural Condition: His physical abilities and senses are well above human and most supernaturals.
  • Supernatural Intelligence: He has an extremely gifted mind with excellent logical and reasoning skills.
    • Enhanced Memory: He possesses an incredible memory and has little trouble recalling most memories, rarely does he forget something.
    • Hyper Mind: His mind processes information an incredible speed and combined with his incredible senses he is able to easily predict what will happen next.
  • Transformations: He has perfect control over his wolf form allowing him to transform in a number of ways: he can partially transform to grow claws and fangs while appearing normal, he can transform into a man-wolf form which is much larger than him with more muscle mass and bipedal or into a full wolf.  


Paranormal Expertise

Special Ops Mastery

Tactical Analysis