• NicWynter


    Alias Devourer, Shadow Wolf, The Monster Who Eats Monsters, The Predator of Predators
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Race Demon-Werewolf Hybrid
    Gender Male
    Age 24
    Birthday May 14
    Blood Type O
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Hell Dimension
    Affiliation United Nations
    Occupation Monster Hunter, Special Ops
    Base of Operations New York City, New York

    Eric Ravage - Father

    Lilith - Mother

    Jason is a tall man, standing just over 6'4" with wide shoulders and a muscular physique.  He has shoulder length dirty blonde hair with blue eyes, a slight tan and a number of tattoos.  He likes to dress well, most often wearing button-down shirts, suspenders, dress pants and dress shoes.

    Demon-Werewolf Hybrid

    • Adaptive Regeneration: Every time he regenerates from a wound he gains a …

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  • NicWynter


    Alias Goddess of Cyberspace, The Digital Fairy
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Race Digital Fairy
    Gender Self-identifies as female
    Age 9 (Earth Years)
    Day of Self-Awareness June 24
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Cyberspace
    Affiliation Nico, Wilde Enterprises
    Occupation Founder and CFO of Wilde Enterprises, Inventor, Psychologist
    Base of Operations



    While in Cyberspace she appears differently to each individual who perceives her however she can take on an appearance which everyone will perceive her as.

    She chose the appearance of her main vessel herself, it stands at about 165 cm with a slim physique and fair skin, she usually has brown hair and brown eyes but can change their color at will.

    She is extremely logical and while she can be quite emotion…

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  • NicWynter


    Alias Genesis Code, Magic Scientist, Reality Hacker
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral

    Unique (Self-Modified) 

    Neohuman - Formerly

    Gender Male
    Age 23
    Birthday December 31
    Blood Type Unique (Self-Modified)
    Personal Data
    Birthplace London, England
    Affiliation Avadora. Himself, Nel, Wilde Enterprises
    Occupation Broker, Con Man, Detective, Doctor, Founder and CEO of Wilde Enterprises, Paranormal Investigator, Scientist, Sorcerer, Thief, Violinist
    Base of Operations


    New York City, New York

    Secret Lab, Mercury

    London, England

    Family Evie Wilde - Mother
    Theme WIP

    Nico is a fairly attractive man standing a little over 185 centimetres with a lean build, fair complexion, blue eyes and shoulder length white hair.  The changes he's made to his skeletal structure an…

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