Epithet ???
Alignment True Neutral
Race Human
Laterality Left
Gender Male
Age 35
Birthday Janurary 2
Blood Type O-
Personal Data
Birthplace Avila
Affiliation Avila
Occupation Avilan Special Unit, Shihan
Base of Operations Intelligence Gathering Corps/Military Base

Shani- Mother

Sengoku- Wife

Kirin- Daughter

Ayato- Son

Nen- Daughter

Favorite Food Roasted Wyvern meat
Hair Color Dark Grey
Eye Color Grey
Height 187cm (6'3")
Weight 90kgs (200lbs)
Hobbies Doing absolutley nothing
Weapon Hands
Fighting style Mixed Martial Arts



Souma is an adult man slightly taller than the average with a slim yet muscular bulid with dark/tanned skin. Souma as dark grey hair and stormy grey eyes. His chest,back, and arms are covered in scars fromthe countless battles he's participated in during his lifetime. He normally wears a black uniform jacket with beige pants tucked in black combat boots.



Ragnarok- This form is only attainable once Souma's rage reaches a certain point. But he becomes a mindless animal set on destroying everything in existance.

  • Horn Protrusion- Ragnarok has two horns sprouting from it's temples that can fire power energy beams strong enough to temporally open wormholes to other dimensions. 
  • Ultimate Invincibility- Ragnarok has taken attacks on a massive scale from multiple gods and has shown no sign of physical wear or damage.
  • Absolute Existence- Ragnarok has been phased out of existence only to will itself back into existence moments later.

Nameless Deity- This form is achievable when Souma's rage reaches its pinnicle to the point that he is in a calm state of mind showing no emotion. In addition to all the above abilities he also gained the following.




While unkillabe in his Ragnarok and Deity forms, he can be killed in his human form.