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Name: Varia Ceren

Race: Human

Age: 26

Aliases: The Angel of Science, Guardian of Genesis, Blue Beauty

Alignment: Neutral Good

Motto: "No one's born a hero. We are forged, either by ourselves or by others."

Theme: Undertale - Battle against a True Hero (Dual Mix)

Powers: High-Tech Exoskeleton (Flight, Energy Attacks, Enhanced Condition)

Archetypes: Action Girl, Genius Bruiser, Lightning Bruiser

Background: Varia is a bright young girl who is among the few remaining humans living on Genesis in the Kuiper belt, living in the upper class section. She was not a child prodigy but in school science and engineering came naturally to her, and she skipped college altogether, believing her skill alone would suffice in getting a job. It did not - however, her aptitude for engineering came in handy when she realized that Genesis was actually infested with criminals, both in and out of the upper class section where Varia grew up. She spent a year building a suit, and when she finished she quickly put it to use, starting to clean up Genesis. However, she realized the rabbit hole went farther than she originally thought, and corruption pervades throughout all of Genesis's upper hierarchy. She's sworn to fight the corruption until Genesis is completely and utterly free of crime.