Space mage by axl99-d6ru3ej

Name: Victor Edgeworth

Race: Human

Age: 371

Aliases: Humanity's Avenger, The Wizard of Sol, Hunter of the Eldritch

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Motto: "If you can't save something, then make sure its destroyer is destroyed as well."

Theme: Undertale - Megalovania

Powers: Magic

Abilities: Adaptive Magic

Archetypes: Bi The WayThe ArchmageKnight in Sour Armor

Quotes: WIP

Background: Victor Edgeworth is one of the last surviving humans following Cthulhu's awakening and subsequent reconquest of Earth. He fled along with half a million lucky survivors on a spaceship called the Genesis, which currently resides in the Kuiper belt. Victor was a skilled cartographer, and as he was making a map of the belt for the Genesis he discovered an alien artifact. He entered it and was promptly infused with massive amounts of magical energy, making him the first and only human mage. He realized soon after that if he trained and honed this newfound power, he would be able to not only retake Earth but travel the galaxy and perhaps the universe and destroy eldritch abominations wherever he may find them. He began to explore the Milky Way, and as he did, he mastered all forms and schools of magic - extending his life in order to do so - save for the kind of magic used by eldritch beings themselves.