• MrCubeman

    Name: Varia Ceren

    Race: Human

    Age: 26

    Aliases: The Angel of Science, Guardian of Genesis, Blue Beauty

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Motto: "No one's born a hero. We are forged, either by ourselves or by others."

    Theme: Undertale - Battle against a True Hero (Dual Mix)

    Powers: High-Tech Exoskeleton (Flight, Energy Attacks, Enhanced Condition)

    Archetypes: Action Girl, Genius Bruiser, Lightning Bruiser

    Background: Varia is a bright young girl who is among the few remaining humans living on Genesis in the Kuiper belt, living in the upper class section. She was not a child prodigy but in school science and engineering came naturally to her, and she skipped college altogether, believing her skill alone would suffice in getting a job. It did not - however, her aptitude f…

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  • MrCubeman

    Name: Nyarlathotep

    Race: Unknown (Theorized to be either Great Old One or original creation of the Outer Gods)

    Age: Unknown

    Aliases: Crawling Chaos, Mighty Messenger

    Alignment: Incomprehensible

    Motto: "I live to serve, regardless of whether or not I like my masters."

    Theme: Persona 4 - The Almighty

    Powers: Eldritch Magic

    Abilities: Diluted Eldritch Physiology

    Archetypes: Humanoid Abomination, Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, Satanic Archetype

    Quotes: WIP

    Background: Nyarlathotep is the messenger of the Outer Gods. It carries messages and performs services for the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods. Nyarlathotep is an enigma, for though it is a servant of the monstrous abominations that are the Outer Gods, it has a distinct personality that the alien minds …

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  • MrCubeman

    Name: Victor Edgeworth

    Race: Human

    Age: 371

    Aliases: Humanity's Avenger, The Wizard of Sol, Hunter of the Eldritch

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Motto: "If you can't save something, then make sure its destroyer is destroyed as well."

    Theme: Undertale - Megalovania

    Powers: Magic

    Abilities: Adaptive Magic

    Archetypes: Bi The Way, The Archmage, Knight in Sour Armor

    Quotes: WIP

    Background: Victor Edgeworth is one of the last surviving humans following Cthulhu's awakening and subsequent reconquest of Earth. He fled along with half a million lucky survivors on a spaceship called the Genesis, which currently resides in the Kuiper belt. Victor was a skilled cartographer, and as he was making a map of the belt for the Genesis he discovered an alien artifact. He ent…

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