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Name: Zylen Baker

Alias(es): The Threadmaker

Age: Late 30's

Powers/Abilities: Puppet Mastery, Dollification, Doll Manipulation

Quotes: "Don't you love this music!? It just makes you want to dance right? Dance..."

Origins: Zylen grew up without many friends. All the friends he did have eventually grew tired of him and left. Because of this, Zylen had no choice but to befriend his toys. Years passed, and Zylen never changed. This started to worry his parents, they brought Zylen to a hospital and they told Zylen's parents that Zylen is suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome and may never recover. So Zylen's parents did the only thing they thought they could do, they locked him away from the world. When Zylen turned thirty-two, his mother and father died in a car accident. This kicked his brain into overdrive and caused him to spiral deeper into the pit of madness. Zylen was sent to a special facility where they could treat him, and he was okay for a while. But after an incident during a sewing practice, the staff started to call him Threadmaker. This made Zylen upset and very aggressive.

Zylen realized he had these amazing abilities to make anyone do whatever he wanted. He used these abilities to take control of the entire facility. Turning everyone into dolls, then controling them. The dolls he made could still feel, and were concious, but all Zylen did was make them dance. He would put on some smooth music and make them dance for hours. If you were to look closely, you could see the people crying. Tears forming in their eyes and streaming down their faces. But disguised by the smile on their face.

Present Activities: Zylen was never caught. To this day he resides in the facility making new dolls out of anyone who dares go inside. Many attempts had been made to retrieve the captives, but all it resulted in was Zylen gaining new puppets.