The Tailor of Rust is a very powerful meta human, his unnatural abilities combined with his intellectual prowess makes him a force to be reckoned with

Name: Andrew Hausler

Alias(es): The Tailor of Rust

Age: Mid 20's

Powers/Abilities: Corrosion Inducement, Corrosion Manipulation, Rust Physiology, Enhanced Condition

Quotes: "What can they do against us!? Nothing! That's why they're attempting to lock us up. Because they know what we can do, and they're scared."

Origins: Andrew only realized he had these abilities after becoming upset at his mother death. The hospital room, and soon the entire hospital became coated in rust, and ended up killing hundreds of people. The event was wiped off the face of the map by the government and Andrew was found and taken to a facility to experiment on him. 

He suffered enormous amounts of physical and mental pain. Digging into his brain, they accidently gave him a permanent chelsea smile after the experiment went wrong. He also suffered a knee injury after being treated too roughly by security.

Soon after, Andrew's abilities became stronger, which made it infinitely harder for the facility to control him. Soon he managed to break out of his containment and opened the flood gates of hell upon the people who locked him up. He managed to escape but not after being wounded by a series of "soldiers" sent to kill him.

Andrew stayed out of sight for years, until he discovered that he wasn't the only one like this. There were others who were demonstrating amazing abilities and then going "missing". Andrew wouldn't let what happened to him happen to anyone else. So he tried his hardest to save anyone like him. He dawned his fathers old copper suit, with a custom mask to hide his chelsea smile as well as a cane for a walking aid as well as defensive purposes.

Present Activities: Andrew uses his abilities to do his own locking up. He encases his victim in a thin layer of rust. Both extremely painful and a useful way to keep them still. By doing this, he earned his name "The Tailor of Rust" which motivated him and his cause even more. The world is afraid of Andrew and his kind, and he plans to keep it that way.