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"The world needs heroes, because if the world ever falls into madness, there needs to be people to defend it. And if not, then at least people to pick up the pieces. That's why I'm here, to pick up the pieces." - Snowmaker

Leo Snowmaker otherwise known as Snowmaker, Agent S, or Code White is a human female in her late 20's who has a series of abilities that make her ideal for combat scenarios.


Even though Snowmaker has this unmatched power, she is lacking common sense and is extremely reliant on others just to get by. However, she grew very fond of General James Octville and usually only follows his suggestions. Making her less susceptible to manipulation from the enemy.

She wears a striped, grey T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. But since she has to wear regulation military uniforms, she only wears the jacket.


  • Weapon Proficiency - When Leo picks up a weapon (man made or even extra-terrestrial), she is able to instantly and instinctively understand and use that weapon with the proficiency of a master.
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory - After a demonstration, Leo is able to perfectly replicate the action she previously saw. This is permanent, as she will never need to learn it again.
  • Flawless Coordination - In concordance with the last ability, Leo's body needs to be physically able to make those actions. As such, she developed this ability, which allows her to perform any action flawlessly.
  • Intuitive Replication - If a weapon is not nearby, Leo has the ability to scan the area and identify any other meta-humans. If she finds one, she is able to copy that meta human's ability while also understanding everything about it. This is useful in hostage scenarios where Leo might be restrained and not have access to a gun or knife.
  • Enhanced Memory - Leo is able to remember every word spoken to her, relaying these words as instructions to aid her in her current mission.


Leo is unable to make decisions herself unless told beforehand. She uses her enhanced memory to store every instruction, but is unable to function without the aid of another. She only ever speaks unless absolutely necessary, and even when she does, speaks in a quiet and monotone voice. She rarely makes any facial expressions, and is all round a secluded and quiet individual. However, she has no problem addressing problems, and will speak very openly about herself and others if asked. She isn't introverted, she just doesn't know how to deal with reality properly.