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    September 10, 2016 by MisterEnigma

    I have been studying real-world telekinesis for years and have only just thought of making my research available to the public. Although I don't see this page going any further than a couple of other curious people, I still want to share my "insanity".

    To first come up with a real world equivalent to TK, one must first define what it actually is.

    "Telekinesis, the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or non-physical means."

    Though this does seem improbable while looking at the big picture, taking key words from this definition is sure to help us. Firstly, "...mental power or non-physical means." this gives us a basis how to do perform telekinesis. So let's begin with that.

    Achieving physical effects using only mental power or no…

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  • MisterEnigma

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    "Please, stay with us... You don't know what will happen to you in the future? Just relax, and go back through time... relive your love... enjoy your past... remember your life before corruption." - The Waker

    The Waker is a wheelchair bound man in his 60's with the ability to make people relive their life through nostolgic suggestion. He wants others to cherish the past, as he lost someone very close to him at a young age. 

    Albert Favortin, otherwise known as the Waker, was fourty-one when his wife, after twenty-two years of marriage, died. Albert was torn up for years afterwards, and would never stop speaking about her like she was still here. People tried to convince him she was gone, but he kept on insisting that she was just …

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  • MisterEnigma

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    "It was God that gave me life, but the Devil that gave me purpose..." - The Bog

    The Bog is a heavily deformed "monster" that has the ability to inflict the same conditions he has onto other people. He specifically targets high ranking people, with the hope of getting his message across the world.

    Born as Michael L. Silverbender, he has always looked different from other types of people. His parents left him at a very early age because of how he looked, and became orphan for his entire childhood. Children there called him Bog, a nickname that caught on through sheer bulling. After he discovered, however, that he could make the other kids look like him, he layed waste to the orphanage. Accidentally killing over eighty percent of th…

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  • MisterEnigma

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    "The world needs heroes, because if the world ever falls into madness, there needs to be people to defend it. And if not, then at least people to pick up the pieces. That's why I'm here, to pick up the pieces." - Snowmaker

    Leo Snowmaker otherwise known as Snowmaker, Agent S, or Code White is a human female in her late 20's who has a series of abilities that make her ideal for combat scenarios.

    Even though Snowmaker has this unmatched power, she is lacking common sense and is extremely reliant on others just to get by. However, she grew very fond of General James Octville and usually only follows his suggestions. Making her less susceptible to manipulation from the enemy.

    She wears a striped, grey T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. …

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  • MisterEnigma

    "When reality reaches the pinnacle of creation, when the world starts to fade and the light of the sun begins to die, that's when the clock strikes twelve, and that's when your time is up." - Gentleman Time ' Gentleman Time is a serial killer that is able to manipulate time. Using his abilities, he targets a series of people who represent every hour in a day, then kills them off every hour in a specific fashion. 

    Every year, Gentleman Time chooses twelve victim's to be part of his plot. He kidnaps them and kills them one by one each hour, but not always the same day. He abides by a self made concept called "The Twelve Stage of Time", a list of twelve cryptic events that are said to happen to every person in their lifetime. Gentleman Time does …

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