Name:Vilhjalmur Johannesson

Aliases:Will, Fishhooks

Appearance:6'5" with greying Auburn hair and a full unkempt beard of the same color. Though not fat, he's not skinny either, weighing a solid 250 with plenty of muscle. Typically carrying several miscellaneous weapons typically including an Axe, a half dozen swords of varying lengths, and between 10 and 20 fishhooks, also ranging in size, as well as a few hammers for working larger items. Under the weapons he wears specially designed, titanium 


Story:Will was never was any good at thinking. Born to an uncaring father who only kept him as, for all intents and purposes, his slave. Will grew up hating anything that showed any hostility towards him even slightly. As a side effect of this, he rarely went to school, preferring to hang out at the local, now defunct, smithy shop where he could be alone, as well as being able to practice smithing by himself to escape the daily trials with his father, by the time he was 14 he had started making proper weapons made of old steel pipes which had been melted down and turned to swords and hammers. That same year he had had enough of his father pushing him around and killed him, blaming the murder on an unsteady shelf which he had wiped some blood on. After the homicide of most of his school mates when he was 19 and had the beard of a 30 year old, he stole a ship from the docks not far from his home and sailed to Canada, where he would further practice his craftsman skills further. On the way there he earned the nickname "Fishhooks" for his ability to craft oversized fishhooks, which he tied to lengths of rope and used in combat, with his bare hands and a blowtorch, though it didn't last long as he through the man who called him that overboard after sticking the still hot hook in his skull. Spending only 7 years in Canada refining his crafts as well as perfecting his skill in armed and unarmed combat, He decided to make his own sea vessel to live on, where he now keeps as his permanent base and vehicle.