Material Name: Titen


Pure: Titen in its pure form has a lot of luster and is easily mistaken for chrome, though it is slightly lighter and much more durable

Nanocomposite:When ceramics are added in the smelting process, It gives the material a darker tone to it, and becomes much less reflective and it becomes a tad heavier


Pure: It's low electrical resistance makes it great for industrial wires. While it's strength and heat resistance is lower than that of it's nanocomposite brother, it is still greater than most other materials, making it great for general vehicle use. It is also used to support commercial and higher end private buildings, as it gives a far greater structural integrity.

Nanocomposite: unlike it's pure form, nanocomposite is poor at conducting electricity. Though that along with it's other attributes of high durability and heat resistance makes it a great material for armors and safes, though te rigorous process it requires to make it makes it incredulously expensive.