Name: Whetever it wishes

Aliases: Omnipotent Being, Steve The Omnipotent, Dispute Ender

Powers: All Of Them, at once, No limitations

Favorite Passtime: Making Flower Wreaths Whilst Soaking his Banana Bread in your Blood

Weaknesses: Gandalf's Glorious Beard


What Many People Believe Steve The Omnipotent Looks Like

History: When he was a little boy, he decided to play in radioactive gunk, so he did, it had no serious side effects. Later that day, he decided to eat some spam (probably don't try this at home) this gave him the super human ability to do everything. He could jump over the tallest of buildings, which was microscopic in comparison to be the complete ruler of the multiverse*. Sadly, he is not as powerful as the author of this post.

  • Multiverse meaning any Universe ever created professional or not, argue against this and I will drip hot Coffee all over your lower body garments