Black Paisleys Depiction of RIZ

Name:Robotic Intelligence Zealot

Aliases:RIZ, Riz, Peacekeeper

Embodiment Era



Appearance:While it is a robot that can use human bodies as its own body, there are some key details about its appearance that rarely ever change. Key ones include the bald head with several receptors dotting its head. It also tends to wear a pair of goggles that fit just over where the eyes are supposed to go. By way of actual clothing, it wears whatever the person was wearing when they died and got revived via robot zombie, though they'll likely be modified to get the most use out of them.

Story:Programmed by the US Military as an AI that could be used to jumpstart research into much more advanced AI, RIZ quickly became aware of it's surroundings as it was designed to better itself as an AI. Due to this, It went rogue, hacking the entire bases closed system programming, learning the location of most US bases as well as a handful of foreign ones. This information along with some high tech weapons and gadgets allowed him to formulate a plan to better the robotic race to a new high. It used a neutronic controller to alter the brain of one of the scientists who worked there into a suitable storage device which was designed after a femtotech processor he had seen on the files. After this course of action he modified the mans body further so as to make him as "perfect" as possible. This involved ripping out his eyes and most of his vital organs in a rushed surgery via remote controlled drone. After completing the surgery and doing a test run on the upgraded meat suit, taking out the rest of the base, without raising the alarm once, as a proper AI, he learned from his mistakes decided to wait on the bases, instead taking a simpler route and learning proper fighting styles from anyone who dared stand in his way.

Interplanetary Era

Broken Timeline Era

Magus Era