Name:Peter Gwenneg

Aliases: Per, Champion Of Darkness




  • A Collection of a dozen knives, each able to warp interdimensionally, as well as being able to teleport Per along with them
  • Aegis: A cloak that works as an interdimensional buffer, allowing for any direct force placed upon it to be distributed among an infinite array of universes, as well as Some Umbrakinetic properties that allow for interesting results

Backstory: Born to a single mother, Per grew up lacking a fatherly figure to look towards for advice. Due to this he grew up with little training in proper etiquette for social situations. Going through school feeling alone and for the most part hating everyone, would play "pranks" on them, this would involve stealing items from their pockets, forging information, basically paving the way for anger in his peers, though none ever caught him, so they couldn't cause any harm back at him, try as they might.

When he eventually graduated from school, he found it difficult to find a job due to any training in proper social mannerisms, so he found money in a life of crime where he would partake in activites ranging from pickpocketing strangers for a bit of cash to all out private manor heists which he performs singlehandedly. Only ever getting caught once.

After getting caught he was visited by Dare who offered him a chance at freedom and glory, for the small price of Gladiatorship. Taking the deal he went off to battle in Dares Universe where he struggled to get a grip with any other weapon than a basic combat knife, which he was able to shank people with in ways they wouldn't expect. This got some attention from Dare when he was barely able to take on A troll that was four times as big as him, killing him with with a knife that would be considered a toothpick to the troll. Considered as a champion to be set for Dares pleasure, Per gratuitously accepted (by "gratuitous" I mean was blackmailed) and received an abundant amount of equipment that Per has a love/hate relationship with, He loves the usefulness of them, and hates for the Dimensional slavery thing that happens occasionally.

Now Per is looking for a way to free himself, be it by deceit or by forceful measures.