Name:Ivan Holtz

Aliases:RED, Robotic Extemporaneous Dandy


Backstory:Ivan was born to a Mother who would've rather had a Robot for a son. As such, she promptly cut off his left arm and replaced it with a robot one, and, to stop the crying she gave him a small robot with the same tech that RIZ uses, and built with AI to protect Ivan, so he wouldn't die in upcoming "Projects". Shortly after this, Ivan was rescued by his biological father Shawn, Who gave him his Name, though He still Has "Robot Extemporaneous Dandy" written on his arm (In Red no less), he will be called Red by some, according to those markings. Under Shawns care, he grew up faster than normal, reaching age 8 within a few seconds of real time. This brought about a fear of anything that moves fast in Ivan. After those couple seconds, Vi demanded that her son be returned to her, so Shawn brought him back and she was unable to do any further experiments past his arm, as well as A deeper sense of hatred towards Shawn in that he taught her little boy how to manipulate his own math.