Name:Human Intelligence Zealot

Aliases:HIZ, Hiz, Keven(Incognito)

Appearance:HIZ is 6"3' with a "perfect" build, combining top physical strength with the highest range of motion out of his joints. Keven also has shortish brown hair and blue-grey eyes

Personality:Keven is empathic towards humans and machines alike, and as such, he won't kill any being intentionally, but will rather incapacitate any threats physically or mentally through any means available to him. He also is very calm in every situation, whether in battle or in social situations, this allows him to coordinate strategies for nearly any situation

Though a bit outlandish in the way he does things, he will always put the well-being of others before himself, and hates it when others try to help him


Story:Created by RIZ to be the perfect human, HIZ was designed to be the perfect representation of what a human should be (according to what RIZ believes). Sent out to teach others the err of their ways. Disallowed from killing anybody intentionally, he goes incognito under his alias of Keven (which he himself came up with). After several attempts in his own verse, he was sent out of dimension while simultaneously staying in his own dimension by an unknown force (for RP purposes :3). His current task is to incapacitate any who don't follow the rules set up by RIZ or any who would teach him the rules that are set up in other worlds