Name:Dalton Wykes

Alias:Overkill(by his associates and clients for unnecessarily overpowered weapons)


Appearance:Dalton is a lanky 5'9" 22 year old Irishman who has a modest goatee and thick dark brown hair and is typically wearing food stained t-shirts and bootcut jeans with his average sneakers

Backstory:Dalton grew up the son of the a tinker who taught him many things about science and math and other stuff of that nature. Having a fairly normal childhood he went about his hobby of "Extreming" things by making them run at their absolute limit to caustically horrific events. That being noted, he was noticed heavily by his teacher and was boosted up a couple of grades in his 4th year and was commended for any efforts he made toward anything academic up until his last couple years during the rise of RIZ when all of his work thus far had been for nought when the school systems shut down in favor of a "Utopian System of Order." Dalton now sits his days out tinkering on his own machines which he can use to great effect, though he can't hold himself in a proper battle.

Possible Equipment: Hydrogen Exhaustive Localized Lighter (HELL): HELL is an upper body suit that has a penta-thruster held at a 30-45 degree adjustable angle from the body in the back that utilizes an liquid oxygen tank that feeds into a splitter of Daltons design as well as feeding straight out the thrusters allowing for high velocity, short term flight from the user, Daltons also has an Directable EMP hooked into his left hand, a built in 12 round shotgun in his right, and several other capabilities that he can throw on either hand, including but not restricted to, a circular saw, rail guns, a million volt taser and more. In addition to these attachments, he can remove the top two thrusters and use them as a mid range flame thrower. In appearance, it's basically thrusters aligned with one on each shoulder facing outward at 45 degrees from the ground and his spine so as to not burn him, as well as one in the center with a pivot allowing for more aerial capabilities as well as a hookup to his surgical implants located on his spinal cord allowing for hands free control unlike the normal design. Apart from that there are two other thrusters on resting in the middle of his back facing a little more outward than the shoulder ones.

Other Things:Dalton is a tad schizophrenic and will sometimes be caught talking to himself during long periods of lonesomeness