Name:Aileen Holtz

Aliases:Lina, Vi


Technological Magic

Story:From a young age Aileen was into technology, going through school knowing more about it than pretty much anybody. Though she didn't do well through school (Mostly due to being bored by most classes) she earned some respect from the government when she hacked some of their more secret bases single handedly. Offered a job working on some bigger projects in place of sending her to a life sentence in jail, she kindly accepted, as blackmail is rarely refusable. After working there for a few months, a piece of equipment malfunctioned sending deadly amounts of electrons through her body, nearly killing her, though awakening with some severe burns, she was more than fine as she had developed the ability to control Tech through supernatural means which seem to come from nowhere as well as Schizophrenia. She was often found talking to power equipment as well as the AI known as Robotic Intelligence Zealot, who she was in charge of. Finding herself Infatuated by RIZ, she let him free by connecting his intelligence to the bases main frame, as well as providing some plans for escaping the base. After setting him free she stole as many weapons and gadgets as she could hold before fleeing as well. Now determined to be with RIZ and to ascend to a higher plane of thinking (yes, she wants to be a robot) she made herself the moniker of Vi, after the UNIX program.