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A list of RIZs Minions

Embodied Era

"Throwaways": The most basic of soldiers, modified from human bodies which are indistinguishable from normal civilians, they have no special abilities besides the usual Hive Mind and Pain Suppression which every Henchman has.

Planetary Domination Era

Robotic Tantalization Vanguard: His main force he used when usurping the Earth, made to be fearsome in battle they do not disappoint. Having more than lethal rocket thrusters which can be used to scorch enemies, they can also incorporate the cryogenic liquid Hydrogen it uses as fuel to near instantly freeze foes. In terms of defense, they wear a Nanocomposite Titen Suit which is Resistent to Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, Electrical currents, and most forms of acid, making it a good form of defense.

Interplanetary Era

Broken Timeline Era

Magus Era

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