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  • Minkyrainy

    Name: Garrett Drakenblood

    Aliases: N/A


    • Mental Hallucination
      • Confusion/Excitement/Fear/Insanity Inducement
        • Mental Breakdown (Gradual, the further along in losing their sanity, the easier it is to introduce new illusions, eventually leading to his victim having sanity similar to Retts, though that'd take somewhere between days and weeks of prolonged exposure)
      • Afterimage Creation, Illusive Appearance, Decoy Creation (In order of difficulty)
      • Illusionary Environment, Pain Illusion, Illusive Suggestion (If you've been exposed to the insanity magic for longer than a day, It might be best to suspect that what you think isn't actually what you think)
    • Alien Mind
      • 100 Percent Muscle Usage(His physical output isn't connected to his mental stimulation)
      • Unpr…
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  • Minkyrainy

    Tyson Wise

    August 4, 2016 by Minkyrainy

    Name: Tyson Wise

    Aliases: Sir Boom (Self Proclaimed)


    • Rank:Civilian
    • Level:B
    • Stress:Low
    • IQ:84

    Appearance: Tyson is average in height, standing at 1.82 meters, is dark skinned, and will usually keep his black hair done up into cornrows or some other way, so it doesn't spark up as much when using his Powers. Oddly enough, his eyes are a bright blue and contrast heavily to the rest of his aesthetics

    Backstory: Born in Hollywood, Tyson grew up in a bad neighborhood and learned poor habits from his father, who was a bartender (also a drug dealer) full time at night, and often high as a kite during the day, Tyson was pretty much free to do as he pleased. At the age of 16 he ran away from home towards the north through Oregon and then up t…

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  • Minkyrainy

    Unstable Neutrinos

    July 30, 2016 by Minkyrainy

    Name:Unstable Neutrino

    Measurement:Neutrinos are hard to count and as such are given a general standpoint of measurement measured in Mana where it can be deduced that 1 Mana can create 100,000 Joules of energy per second (from practically nothing, might I add) 1 Mana is also equal to ~1 billion Unstable Neutrinos


    • Particle Manipulation
      • Particle Construction
      • Dark Matter Manipulation (In most cases, considered a taboo to use)
      • Energy Generation/Destruction (Energy destruction is also considered taboo)

    Known Users:

    • Dynamo
    • Candela
    • Kelvin
    • Helmholtz
    • Derrick
    • Andrea
    • Magus Era RIZ
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  • Minkyrainy

    "Throwaways": The most basic of soldiers, modified from human bodies which are indistinguishable from normal civilians, they have no special abilities besides the usual Hive Mind and Pain Suppression which every Henchman has.

    Robotic Tantalization Vanguard: His main force he used when usurping the Earth, made to be fearsome in battle they do not disappoint. Having more than lethal rocket thrusters which can be used to scorch enemies, they can also incorporate the cryogenic liquid Hydrogen it uses as fuel to near instantly freeze foes. In terms of defense, they wear a Nanocomposite Titen Suit which is Resistent to Extreme Heat, Extreme Cold, Electrical currents, and most forms of acid, making it a good form of defense.

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  • Minkyrainy

    Ai Dering

    July 23, 2016 by Minkyrainy

    Name:Ai Dering

    Alias: "Transcended Time Prototype"

    Appearance:She is rather short, standing at 4'11", but will try to convince you that she's 5'0. Her eyes almost glow in their emerald green, contrasted by her light absorbing black hair. She is really slim weighing only 95 pounds (though 5 of that is in bewb mass >:D)

    Personality: Though her last name is "Dering", she isn't really that daring, typically avoiding social contact as much as possible, but when interacting with others, she'll often use short quips over proper discussion. In terms of fighting style, she is often unsure of how to fight, though, on occasion she can pull off extreme feats of agility and skill


    • Dimensional Entity Physiology (5th)
      • Short Term Time Acceleration/Reduct…
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