Hello there,

today I will explain how you can get the highest possible potential out of your Logic Manipulator.

First of all, there are two kinds of LM:

The first one is the direct one. Using this kind of LM can lead to everything logically possible or impossible. 

If you want to stop reading here and go to the page of LM, here is it: Logic Manipulation.

As you can see, you are quite limited there: Logic could break, you are vulnerable to mind control (for some unexplained reason more than usual) or someone could come up with random limitations.

However, there is a little trick to it. Ask yourself: What says that a limitation limits you? The answer: Common sense (logic). And what do LM-Users control? Logic!

With this, we have reached the second kind of LM, the indirect manipulation, or "Definition Manipulation", how I call it.

The entire "Definition Manipulation" is about one, mathematic rule: x=x.

X equals X.

Kinda easy, but how does this help us to get stronger Logic Manipulators?

Let us test it in a fight against a user of the Omnipotence Embodiment. It clearly says there that the power can't turn against the user or be cut off or be disturbed or backfire. So, logically, it can't be cut off and bla bla bla.

That is IF x=x, meaning that it only applies if something that can't be cut off can't be cut off.

Now we change that to x=y, so that having a power that can't be cut off (x) means that you have a power that can't be empowered (y), as example.

This can be done with every power and every aspect of a power, from the aspect to be able to move backwards from the ability to move to Omni-CreatorAuthor Authority or Cheat Embodiment.

You may ask now: "But if the limitation is illogical, how can you break it with LM?"

It's quite easy, really: The rule is only illogical according to logic. So if you change illogical to logical (x to y, in that case), you can manipulate the rule with LM, since it is a logical rule now.

Well, that's it for now.

Unless you have Absolute Intellect, you might have questions now, and if you do, feel free to ask. :)