Character Profile: 

Full Name:

Mavvy Automore Qriller

Known Title(s):

The Blue Vitality, Blushie, Maverick, The Sparkling Affinity, Icy, The Graceful Dominion, Snowball, The White Ether, The Holy Marked Goddess, The Silvered Deity, The Amiable Luminescence, The Spellbinding Feminine, The Sapphire Trinity

Origin Of Name:

Different Variation of her Mother's name. When Rick jokingly made up a name much identical to the mother's, the two decided to make that her name.


January 28, Her Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius




Black-Indian(Back earlier in her life before she was to become a lluminare, a while after her heavenly transformation, her characteristics as a human was discarded from her body, thus, she became a hybrid of the ommisos and lluminares.))


Iluminare(50%): A being made out of pure "Light Energy". The Iluminare are a species of angels that which to depart from being an "angelic figure" yet not to leave behind the pureness of their mind and heart. In the process they lost some of their angelic attributes, yet still being made out of that pure energy.

Low Vitality Ommiso(50%): A mystical alien race made out of a magical energy. The core which sustains their life force and all of their energy have such a relatively calm energy source in their body, which is the most "Suitable Trait" of an Ommiso. Since Mavvy is an "Epitome Ommiso" which are prodigies which are masterful with their use of energy, this makes her core much more energetic yet still maintaining its relatively calm channeling of its energy. Due to her Ommiso genes, her blood is actually blue and her skin color would be a luminous silver color, however ommiso has control on how they wish to appear.


Originally She was born within "Dusky Peak" but at some point moved to another city before finally residing within "Lent City" ( Which will change in climate being snowier. )


Characters created by me

Hayiter: Son

Sapphire: Final Daughter

Gin: Older Half Sister

Nakema: Older Half Sister

Leta: Older Full Blooded Sister

Evian: Younger Half Brother

Sora: Younger Half Brother

Maverick Tetsuto: Alternative Counterpart

Mirai: Best Friend

Fuino: Best Friend

Einute: Friend

Jestine: Friend

Characters owned by my favorite RPer(Hallie)^-^

Mavis: Newly Bounded Older Sister

Rain: Best Friend

Ashlin, Faelin, Kyo, Prime Rain, Ignite, Asseylum: Friends

Sieg: Soul-Brother


Heretofore an apprentice of her old masters, Tydruis and Varric, now the newest Master of the Ommisos. As her numerous duties as a Mentor, she has to instruct various others of her kind how to be more well-matured and well-rounded individuals in their lives and how possibly to avoid such petty and dangerous atrocities of life. Another one of her new duties is to be able to help bring improvement to the civilization of Ommisos within Planet Core, though, lawfully she isn't able to create any specific commands til she earns "The Inner Immortal" role, she still plays a prominent role and role model to her people and students, The Ommisos; an alien species, consisting of the essences of magical energy, taking form of their silver vessels, their life force ultimately bound to their "Core". While she is not being a master of her people, she does at times work at her bakery place with a good friend of her, which made a decent and fun job. Usually as a hobby or when she isn't performing either of her duties, she often poses herself as a traveler, mainly in search of any goods or to explore a new realm.


Mavvy, the lluminare-Ommiso hybrid depicted as a white figured woman, an exceptional fusion of a magical alien and of the mythological angels. Mavvy has sapphire, soothing blue pupils that on specific circumstances would slightly radiate, giving her optics a more mystical, enchanting display. The membrane of her humanoid skin is a lustrous, icy shade of white, pretty smooth and silky, due to her genes as a lluminare which merged with her traits as an ommiso, which usually have almost any variation of silver, carrying one of their characteristics as one. Her ears are pretty much normal, resembling a human's ear quite uncannily. Her hair is a pure tone of white, normally it is in a style of a bob, which barely goes to her shoulder. She has a pretty slim body build, while also being approximately 5.8ft tall. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of Mavvy's appearance is the diamond emblem that is manifested onto her forehead, which is usually in a dark shade of blue. Another unique aspect of her appearance is how at times, also on distinct occurrences, her skin could have a beautiful luster, which is also another trait that is passed by the ommisos, in which she is one of their goddesses. Another trait that is passed to her by the ommisos that contribute to her existence is the long, thin tail she has, which is pretty great in length. One final feature that is passed to her, is the blue blood she has in her body, though it is a lighter shade of blue, both of them have to do with the traits of the lluminare and the ommisos, with the ommisos having usually dark blue blood, while the lluminare features interfere with the ommiso traits, making her blue blood more radiant. The Ultimate and most fundamental that Mavvy has, ultimately that is the very source of her life is the blue orb that acts as the "Heart" of her existence, often called the "Core". Oftentimes she would wear almost any kind of attires, for as long as the fabric it is either silky or made of a suitable cotton, she'll wear almost any outfit, but usually, it is in her usual color design, which consists of her three complimentary colors, Blue, White, and Black. Since she doesn't usually wear the sane outfit more than once or perhaps twice in a week, she doesn't truly have any default clothing.

Special Accessory(s):

Gray Eternity: A powerful blade made out of plasma, powerful alloys created by Avenus who came from the lluminare pantheon, capable of surviving from very extreme temperatures. A good substitute in case that her blade of light is nulled of usage depending on the scenario. Also an adaptive weaponry, capable of turning into 2 long-knives. She is able to perform such quick yet deadly combos with this weaponry.

Infin-Aspect Ring: A very beneficial ring that is locked onto her middle finger. This ring grants the goddess an ability to be able to carry nearly any item in her pocket in case of anything was to happen, the pockets of her clothing becoming pocket dimensions for her storage.

The Eternal Harmony: A pure white blade that is used exclusively by the lluminare-Ommiso Goddess. Seemingly the blade would be mundane, seemingly just made out of polished, beautiful white alloy with the handle being made out of powerful mineral, cloaked by a smashed then polished crystal substance, molding the weapon. But with a mixture of blue, melted metal, crafting the unique design of what is now known as "The Eternal Harmony". The blade, however, has one special trait, keeping its mundane display while having a special ability, which is linked to the wielder of the blade. Whoever bears the weapon, their energy would blend with the blade itself, increasing the efficacy of said weapon while depending one one's personality or alignment, would bequeath a single additional ability, suiting its wielder.


• Fierce: When it comes to certain situations, Mavvy has a tendency to take a fierce approach to the dilemma, mainly when it ultimately comes to those she have a deep regard and appreciation for, whether if one of her friends was to get hurt or if she is confronting someone she cares about. She also holds this fierce side of her whenever she is to get into a fight with someone, either because she opposes whatever she is challenged by or was fully resolved to succeed in her goal. While this fierce demeanor is beneficial in some situations, even some that are significant, due to her sensitivity depending on what has been said to her or feel as though she is being attacked, she can unintentionally release this fierce side of herself, get angry at the person and incidentally spit small venom to a person. However, usually most of the time, she is able to keep her composure, despite being upset towards the individual.

• Analytical: When it comes to a few scenarios that'll require some logical thinking, The ommiso herself, is able to at times use her critical thinking to go through a challenge. Rather solve who was the one to have possibly caused trouble, or to get a good idea of what's going on around her. Despite at times being a tad bit goofy of her decisions or dear, she truly is a smart woman who has the capability to think, yet she does at times overthink, thus, she begins to mess up on her choices, or not be too far-sighted of her plans up ahead. Also depending on the situation, whenever she is stress out by something, even for something not so significant, that pressure of hers could also cause her to make choppy decisions as well, or blur out the wrong words.

• Dutiful: When it comes to those she really cares for, and also depending on what such duty is, she will, for the most part, be obedient to what she needs to take care off. Usually, when it comes to her people; The Ommisos of the Neon Galaxy, she will in a heartbeat perform her duties or rather to get to the issue, depending on what is. However at times, she could be a bit more focused on her own ambitions or possible apprehensions, thus, this usually gets her sidetracked on what's far more important, making her performance rather choppy or worthless afterward, depending on what the responsibility is.

• Silly: As her second, dominant personality trait, she is occasionally silly when it comes to being around her family and dearly beloved friends. Her silliness all comes with the purpose of getting those around her happy or to get a couple of laughter, rather to playfully act like a perv or to be as frisky as some typical cat. Despite this silly side of her merely existing as a form of funny tendencies, some around her may find her annoying or think she is an idiot, despite being far from one. This silliness at times could marginally correspond with her duties and such, which makes her seem weird, though truly deep down she means well and knows when to be serious.

• Outgoing: Mavvy's most powerful trait is her outgoing attitude; About as bright as the illuminating sun. Mavvy habitually is an outgoing female who loves to associate with people, as she is compelled by those around her, mainly due to all being so unique from each other, thus, this outgoing persona is pivoted with such seemingly limitless energy. She has a deep love for life itself, mainly because where she is from, all of the people around them and where they are from while discovering Magic: A primal source coming from the Supernatural in which many can manipulate and in turn benefit from it in an apparently unlimited amount of forms. This ultimate trait also drives from her deep desire to see what is all that makes up the Grand Design: The world in which all of life lingers from within, all that is unique from each other yet all correspondence from each other, all are drawn to Life in which builds the Universe so exceedingly. While Mavvy considerably most of the time she is around people is outgoing, her mood could quickly evaporate, thanks to her fragile sensitivity. That frown of hers could quickly go down by a couple of things, such as being criticized by other people, as she hates feeling as though people are putting her down judging by the way she acts or by her mistakes and.or action, hated feeling inferior. Another way she can quickly grow sour is when someone is to threaten her or anyone she loves and care about, as she always wishes to take care of those she meets, having a rather deep passion for those around her. Overall Mavvy most of the time can be a very kind and passionate woman but can quickly get irritated or pissed at a person, depending on what that person said or does, mainly when it comes to her or her loved ones.

• Free-Spirited: When it comes to her performing her goals, usually she wants to be independent of what she does. Previously she always relied on other people to guide her in the right direction or to succeed in her own goods, however realizing that relying on others so much hinders your self-growth, she didn't wish to rely on people too much, instead, she wishes to take a great reliance on herself and her growing intuition, while also loving to try out new things, never to stick into one thing for the rest of her life. Despite being a Liberal, at times she can be doubtful of her efforts mainly due to her past mistakes, which is slightly hard for her to fully forget as she feels as though it affected what many people thinks about her now. She always believes she has the potential to be her own leader and be something really influential, however, it is her deep fear and doubt that sometimes backtrack her to where she begins. Also wanting to exploit her own power, courage, and might without the need of other people, though at times she may ask some people for a bit of guidance for reassurance. Overall Mavvy wishes to be her own "Divinity" yet her doubts and fear keep her from being that: Freeing herself from her cocoon and spread her wings and fly, like a butterfly. She wishes ultimately to be free from "restrictions" and explore and see the fullest of the universe and the fullest of her potential as a whole being,: Unique to thyself but the same to everyone else, a woman who wishes to transcend her limits, and see what lies beyond her eyes while still remaining "human" at heart.

Internal Conflict(s):

Constantly she struggles to stop being kindhearted as her softheartedness tends to get in the way of her better judgment, even makes her a bit ignorant though she usually could tell from reliable to toxic people but her kindheartedness makes her a bit naive, making often a victim of pain and people's disrespectful "Path".

External Conflict:

Her terminal conflict with those surrounding her is being around people who put her down, mainly due to her she acts and such, without getting to know her as an entirety. Being around those who are disrespectful and cold towards her can oftentimes ruin her outgoing demeanor, mainly because she takes insults to heart and hates being berated. Mavvy ultimately wishes to stay optimistic of life, as there was a certain point in life where she was so negative, mainly due to the ridicule that she have gone through in the past, which caused a huge effect on her lifestyle and mind. However, because of her loving family, the ongoing and beautiful support of Mavis, and her nurturing friends, she was able to pop that dark cloud from her head and took a new leaf. Being around those who are so negative and cold towards people with petty reasoning tends to bring her down, though she always wishes to tone the negativity out.


There are a few Complex symbolisms marked in her appearance, mainly in a form of her color scheme For the color blue, this beautiful and exotic color represents the stability of her mind. Long ago, due to her past of such severe ridicule and atrocities, she has grown cynical of life and forgotten her self-worth and happiness. But thanks to a few very significant individuals who appeared in her life in her time of great need and comfort, her mind finally grew to become more developed and stabilized, thus, she was irrevocably been provided tranquility of her life, thus she is back to her more relaxed and chilled self but with even more morals and sagacity. The black in her appearance greatly represents her restricted and compelling potential, her power being far more prominent then one meets the eye. Often in the past by certain people, many believed she was indeed incompetent when it comes to fighting and sees her a weak fighter, which is linked to her grimmer and stressful, premature days, yet in reality, she has one of the most untapped potential in a long time, which as her days processed for the better, she slowly begins to become more and more skilled and powerful as both as a woman who wants to find her purpose and strive for greatness, and a goddess who wants to meet her greatest expectation, the black representing her dominant yet restricted power. The white of her color scheme represents her ascension to the "Light". Previously due to the severe negativity that spread through the cycle of her life, she often had a chip on her shoulder and had a dark cloud on the top of her head, but ultimately because of her family and true friends who have helped her and accept her greatly of what she truly is in nature, she begins to ascend from her dark mentality, while also in the process become a fragmented light angel known as a "lluminare'. As her jet, black hair becomes a pure white color while her skin gotten to become a soft silver color, it represents her coming from the more amicable and whimsical side of life, the more prominent life.


Lawful Neutral. "Judge"


• Jewelry Making

• Cosplaying

• Exploring

• Collecting


• Yoga

• Construction

• Astronomy

• Shopping

• Meditation

• Stargazing

• Space Traveling

Like and Dislike(s):


• She has a deep desire to train, mainly to balance out her offensive and defensive fighting style, maintaining her balance of her Physical, Magical and Tactical attributes~

• She loves to meet new people as she gets to learn much about different people, knowing that everyone is unique, she loves to see those different~

• She loves to know much about different species, even more about her own species to get to learn about one's history and importance, having such a great liking into magical creatures ever since her younger "years"~

• She loves to be around her friends and family, as she enjoys their company the most and loves to be a part of their lives because of their unique personalities and different interest~


• She absolutely loathes those who mocks or disrespect her, rather belittles her of her training or to generally treat her like a scumbag. However, she would only tolerate a little bit if teasing but it'll have to be a friend if family~

• She hates it whenever she has to deal with an arrogant individual or a pretentious person as she grew a sour dislike over those kinds of people due to her past experiences with people she used to think were her friends~

• She hates stress as it is a feeling that easily can overwhelm her. Another reason for hating scenarios or people that cause her to get angry is because she is prone to seizures due to stress. Stress related seizures are the reason why she hates being stressed out.


Charity: Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering. Aid is given to those in need.

Confidence: A feeling of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances. Faith in oneself

Curiosity: A desire to find out and know things.

Modesty: Freedom from vanity or conceit. Not inclined to boast.

Courage: A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear.


Lust - the strong physical desire to have sex with somebody, usually without associated feelings of love or affection.

Melancholic - feeling or tending to feel a thoughtful or gentle sadness

Impatience - tending to be annoyed at being kept waiting or by being delayed; unable to tolerate a particular thing and easily annoyed by it

Moroseness - deep sadness; showing a brooding ill humor

Sulkiness - a sullen moody resentful disposition; in a bad mood and refusing to communicate because of resentment for a real or imagined grievance


Magic: Because she is made mostly out of magical energy, she has quite a good resistance to certain magic-based attacks. Though not entirely resistant to the damage of magical attacks, she would be able to perhaps harness some of its energy to apply it on her core, thus augmenting her own power rather gain more stamina or prepare an attack of her own.

Light: Because she is in tuned with the element of "Light" she is resistant to light-based attacks or techniques. She gains quite an affinity from the light which nurtures her very health.

Fire: Because of her lluminare genes, which is a being of pure light, originating from the beautifully fragmented angels, she has an immunity to almost any variation of fire. Fire only would really benefit her even more, allowing her to utilize that fire to her own advantage.

Poison: Because of her biology of being an Ommiso, which is a being made out of magical power, an alien race from the Neon Galaxy, she has an immunization to any variety of poison as well,

Electricity: Since Electricity is another form of energy, in which ommisos deeply thrive off for their survival, Mavvy also has an immunity to electricity.


Darkness: Since she is part of the light, darkness is pretty toxic to her. She would take more damage from anything related to the element of the mysterious and ominous "Darkness". She could potentially defend herself from the very darkness however it would require greater effort than perhaps with any other element.

Negative Energies/Elements: Since Mavvy's existence is mainly fueled by the positive enthusiasm of energy that makes the world beautiful, and fuels the world with such life, in which her energy breathes, she is unmistakably vulnerable to any sort of negative influence of power or an element that opposes her light. She is vulnerable to any dark variations of any element, her body not being used to negative energy, if exposed to such power, she will definitely have a much harder time navigating through her journey. Any negative aspect of any power can prove to be too much for her.

Quote and Catchphrase(s):

"Don't be such a slouch, give me your very all!"

" Helping is a stepping stone to many successes~"

" Don't take these blue eyes gently in the battlefield~"

" I may be red-faced, but i still holding it down..."

" Mavvy's the name~"

"Come and give it to me~"

" The Blue Vitality is at the battlefield, bring it~"

" The Will to push forward no matter what gets in the way is truly a sign of a Formidable Fighter, no fancy power tells the true depth of an Individual..."


Physical Attribute(s): (List what your character is physically capable of. For example, Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Reflexes, etc.)

Supernatural Speed: Mavvy would naturally have such blinding and amazingly enchanted speed, due to her great training with her masters, both of her genes coming from a third stage of her Ommido existence and the existence of her mythic vampire genes. Her speed would allow her to be a very nimble opponent by herself, very quick on her feet, giving her a great advantage when it comes to a slower opponent.

Supernatural Strength: Due to her being in the third Ommiso state, which allows all of her energy to be permanently storage into her body in a mixture of also become part of the mythical vampire pantheon, she was granted supernatural strength. This also would allow her jabs and punches to become more damaging, combined with supernatural speed would make her an all-around dangerous opponent.

Supernatural Agility/Dexterity: Due to a good portion of her training, learning not to be so tense with her situations at times, untethered her "weights" to become light, she have a great uprising of Dexterity. Her elegance and passionate actions allow her to be able to perform her maneuverability glaringly and with advance ease, allowing her to be able to evade against many of her opponents attacks.

Supernatural Ability(s): (List what your character is capable through great challenging or supernatural skill. Example, Dark Flames, Light Manipulation, etc.)

White Light Control: The white haired goddess is able to control the biblical light itself, fueled from her the positivity of her inner emotions. While controlling this light, she would be able to use her light both with the subtle offense and great defense.

Blue Fire Manipulation: Due to her prominent connection with the light, she is able to utilize blue flames, flames that is much more intense than normal flames. These flames would prove her good use to a certain extent and circumstance, also to be fueled by her positive emotions, the more intense her will, the stronger the flames, the longer the duration becomes.

Blue Electricity: Also to share a great connection with both her species; the lluminares which are fragmented angels of light, sharing the positive aspects of powers, she has control of blue Electricity. Using the positive aspects of electricity, much like her other two abilities, she can use them both offensively and defensively, though she uses Blue fire far more and isn't too in tune with the powers of the electricity itself.

Magical Generation/Detection: Because of her years of learning how to manipulate the energy known as "magic" to sustain her core, she is able to generate that same magic, really in a defensive manner or to augment her other abilities. The deity would also be able to sense magic from another individual, useful for either to catch up to an entity or to get an idea of what an item may be imbued with.

Combatant Skill(s): (List what is the mental competencies of your character. Example, Analyzing, Piercing Perception, etc.)

Mega Soul: Due to the third state of being of an Ommiso in which Mavvy permanently bestows to her existence, she is greatly immune to mental intrusions, such as possession, mind-reading, and anything that alters the mind of her. Because Mavvy's core naturally is what makes up her existence as a whole, she is immune to having her soul get destroyed due to energy not truly being able to get created nor destroyed, thus she has a defense towards soul-destroying techniques and/or weaponry.

Analytical: Due to a lot of Mavvy's past mistakes and learning experiences, she learns how to be analytical of a character, to think before she acts, carefully plan and add logic to her tactics for the best effect.  Naturally is a smart fighter, capable of striking when the moment is just right.

Catalog Of Technique(s): (List the kind of personal skills your character have, own unique attacks and tactics. Example, Photokinetic Combat, Dark Fire Projectile, etc.)

(Standard Techniques)

Blooming Blade/Pole Construction: Thanks to Mavvy's good knowledge on how to manipulate and bend light to her will, she is able to create a beautifully constructed blade out of light, allowing her to use the manifested weaponry for combat, much like to normal properties of a sword. The more light is amplified into the weapon, the more powerful it becomes and the more durable it becomes. Now also now able to elongate her blade of light, allowing her to do some mid-range attacks while also being more brutal with her blade. Also, Mavvy is now capable of creating a pole made out of the harden element of Light, which is more of a Blunt weaponry, allowing her to overwhelm her opponent with acrobatics inspired combat and quick jabs at exposed body parts.

Light Mimicry: Mavvy is capable of mimicking the properties of light itself, thus her vessel becomes translucent, in order to gain a form of intangibility, aiding her well in case she needed to get out of a dangerous situation. This could be useful, allowing her to fade into the ground underneath, capable of sneaking attack, phase through SOME physical attacks and camouflage with any concentration of light, like in a really sunny area, or the inside of a volcano.

Power Dome: The white haired goddess is able to use either her light, fire, magic or electricity to summon a large dome around her, capable of defending herself from any advancing opponent, while in some cases can be used offensively, as a way to stagger or stun her opponent a bit. She van also use this technique to perhaps go through a very intense concentration of heat, perhaps if a teammate needs help to go through a volcano safely.

Avatar Burn: Mavvy would be able to channel an explosive ball of blue flames at her opponents if connected would be ignited in intense flames. Usually, when to channel a small bit of magic coming from her core, she can make her fire projectiles very significant in size and collateral damage to any opponents that gets caught with the attack, sometimes cause a huge explosion, capable of pushing a possible army away from her. The deeper the color of the flares, the more efficacious and ferocious the projectile becomes. Having such advance prowess of administration coming to her projectiles and adequate accuracy, she could have her sphere(s) of concentrated flames lock onto her opponents and follow their movements, thus presenting a more intricate challenge to those which evades linear volleys of blue globules, though can potentially be prevented by both careful planning and blocking.

Tears Of A Goddess: It is solely a defensive mechanism, Mavvy's pupils would have became pure white before she was to accumulate any given amount of light from either her surroundings or even herself by converting the magic in her core to light and make her eyes flash. An intense blanket of light appeared around her, usually done to stun her opponents and temporally blind those close to her or who stares into her light. The more light she accumulates, the stronger the light becomes, the more effective her flash becomes.

Utopia's Thorns: Using either her magical or supernatural light, Mavvy would be able to manifest Spikes and/or columns of divine light, from the ground, usually used either in a defensive or offensive manner, typically to impale her opponents or launch her opponents in the air if one isn't careful enough or became careless. Also can be used for creative uses such as, lifting up a very heavy item from the ground, use the pillars to navigate through very high areas that the goddess may not be able to reach, using the columns as platforms.

Spirit Chaser: Capable of manipulating Light and a good bit of its assets, Mavvy is able to manifest a sphere(s) made of distorted and concentrated light and aim it at her opponent much like a normal projectile. What makes this one more unique is that it can actually reflect from surfaces, making it a very reflective attack. The goddess would be able to let the sphere explode in contact with her own will while multiplying its durability and size for more fulfilling damage and to hit more of her opponents. This also could potentially be used as a distraction, a mere catalyst for her next course of action. Also to use her creativity and grace in combat, she could potentially construct the sphere of distorted light at an opponent in which could potentially trap her opponents within the orb.

Mid-Tier Technique(s)

Raiden's Valhalla: Mavvy would begin to unleash a powerful incarnation, creating a magical circle on the ground for if her opponent were to ever lay foot on the path as it follows the opponent, they are to then be locked on. Then the opponent(s) would have briefly been bound to the ground as the goddess would then conjure what appeared to be a construction of a beautiful cage made out of hard and enchanted light, almost making the prison look like a heavenly castle of some sort. While the opponent is trap within the cage, she would then press her hand together in a form of a clap, deep within the cavern; with the brief binding of the opponent being nulled, they would be introduced to a ferocious series of powerful blue electricity at her opponents from the inside, attempting to fry her opponent from the inside or to induce critical damage to her opponents. After a good bit, the construction of the imprisonment would have faded off and the blue lightning would have gone away.

Sapphire's Chasm: Using her graceful and amazingly improved skill of controlling blue, intense flames, she is capable of summoning a magnificently large column of fire, expelled from her incarnation, coming from her silvery vessel. The pillar of dangerous flames would have been capable of sucking in matter, thus dodging the pillar(s) would without a doubt be a hard challenge to those who encounters. The pillars would spread its existence, become a mere wall of intense blue flames, making the technique effective towards sometimes a speedy or slow opponent or those who aren't vulnerable to flames.

Pseduo Virtues: Mainly used as a defense mechanism, or a great way to deceive her opponent, she would briefly expel a good portion of light from her silvery vessel. Then as she is to unleash a small portion of light from her body, she would begin to bend and/or shift the light particles to create afterimages of herself, projected into reality as a mere diversion and a decent way to counter her opponent. Of course, this tactic isn't always effective as some of them will turn to become more static as opposed to matching her existence. While also able to create afterimages of herself by shifting light particles that channel out of her battle movement, she is so capable of creating decoys of herself that seem realistic, though of course, that takes more energy out of her so it is a technique used when needed and not too obsessively.

(High Tier: Special Technique)

Epitome Absolutism(Previously Final Achievement): Mavvy would begin to augment all of the energies, yielding her great Vitality to its fullest capacity. This technique is heavily a very offensive assault. Mavvy's hands, legs, and eyes would be ignited with a very dark flame, while her body gets surrounded in a bright white luminescence, an indication that she is going all out. Her attacks would be even more heavily concentrated with immense power, Her light, fire, electricity and magic all fused into her attacks to make the assaults all the more dangerous. This technique only can last for 5 minutes tops, due to the insane amount of strain given to her body. Once the technique is over, her powers are temporally burned out, taking several hours for her powers to be activated while she is left very exhausted, nearly to the point of passing out, depending on how powerful the attack was. Now ever since she has mastered The Final Achievement ability due to her insane battle with one of her newest friends Margret, she is now able to transcend to an even greater league of power, the time limit being overruled by her graceful control of it. The goddess would now be surrounded by a pure white aura, all of the attributes being heightened even greater than ever before. Of course, despite mastering the power, it still comes with a huge price, now whenever she is to revert out of the phase, her powers for several hours will be incredibly wonky, due to the insane buildup coming from her core.

Immortal Luminosity: An all out defensive and very benevolent technique. Mavvy would began to accumulate all of her light to a single point, fusing with her magic to increase its properties before to create three spheres, consist of the fused energies know dubbed "Kingics" which is a new type of energy that temporally exist for the sake of the technique to be active and create its powerful healing properties. The bluish hue light would emerge from the rotating spheres as then they merged and took a form of a prism around her and her comrades. This would allow her and her teammates to heal at such a rapid rate would also temporally building up their defense and attacks (excluding Mavvy herself. Only to heal her. ) This technique only lasts for a short while for at long as the powerful prism-shaped dome existence around the goddess, while the teammates can move freely is still intact. If an opponent was able to break the dome, Mavvy is left stunned and opened for a very heavy attack as she is to become stunned and disoriented.

Resistance(s):(What is if that your character has a high immunity/resistance too. What are some things that your character can withstand?)

Magic: Because she is made mostly out of magical energy, she has quite a good resistance to certain magic-based attacks. Though not entirely resistant to the damage of magical attacks, she would be able to withstand a great portion of overall damage from magic-based attacks.

Light: Because she is in tuned with the element of "Light" she is resistant to light-based attacks or techniques. She gains quite an affinity from the light which nurtures her very health.

Fire: Because of her lluminare genes, which is a being of pure light, originating from the beautifully fragmented angels, she has an immunity to almost any variation of fire. Fire only would really benefit her even more, allowing her to utilize that fire to her own advantage.

Poison: Because of her biology of being an Ommiso, which is a being made out of magical power, an alien race from the Neon Galaxy, she has an immunization to any variety of poison as well.

Electricity: Since Electricity is another form of energy, in which ommisos deeply thrive off for their survival, Mavvy also has an immunity to electricity.

Unique Accessory(s): (Your character's own unique accessories, rather a special item to aid them in battle or in personal health.)

Gray Eternity: A powerful blade made out of plasma, powerful alloys created by Avenus who came from the lluminare pantheon, capable of surviving from very extreme temperatures. A good substitute in case that her blade of light is nulled of usage depending on the scenario. Also an adaptive weaponry, capable of turning into 2 long-knives. She is able to perform such quick yet deadly combos with this weaponry.

Infin-Aspect Ring: A very beneficial ring that is locked onto her middle finger. This ring grants the goddess an ability to be able to carry nearly any item in her pocket in case of anything was to happen, the pockets of her clothing becoming pocket dimensions for her storage.

Principal Of Imperfection(s): (This is the major important session of the list. What are your character's weaknesses? What makes this character not all as powerful as they make themselves. Example, Weak stomach, Very fragile skeleton, Weak to icy temperatures, etc. THIS IS A MUST!)

Darkness: Darkness, the ultimate counter of light itself. Anything that is darkness or is effected by a dark and destructive element can go right against her abilities and are the most effective against the goddess. Being an embodiment of positivity and light, anything that is the opposite of that can overpower her.

Magic Negation: Due to her partially being made out of magic thanks to her core, any dispelling or destruction of magic almost can be effective towards Mavvy. Though not as effective as darkness, it still can in some way post a good threat to her.

Emotional Abuse: Despite, for the most part, can be a serene and tranquil beauty when her friends or more importantly her family is in deep trouble and in a situation where their life is in jeopardy, she would begin to lose her cool and not be able to focus on using effective tactics as much.

Certain types of smells: Due to her mythical vampire genes, she had a very powerful sense of smell, despite being useful in some cases, there are certain smells that are far too strong fierce for her to endure. A perfect example would have been garlic.

Straining: Despite having amazingly, glaringly and grand control of her energies, of course, her body is destined to get strained from the immense channeling of power. The most powerful her techniques or attacks become, the more strain it gives to her body, which can leave her open for any attacks, despite her speedy she is as an opponent.

Scale Of Competence: (1-20)

A Possible 18: Ever since she have decided to take a more serious approach in battle though keeping her to her roots, she have continuously and glaringly grew much more competent when it comes to fighting, applying what she has learned from her losses, combined with some of her masters logics and her own experiences when it comes to fighting into her more aggressive equilibrium of a battle style, mixing her physical combat, combined with her practice of both the manipulation of Light and Magical Manipulation and her Strategic perception in fighting. As a bonus, due to her being a goddess which as an ommiso is known as an "Epitome" she has an significant and powerful boost in power, making her one of the most formidable Ommisos in history, especially being the first Epitome Ommiso in 500 years to appear.


- Mavvy always wants to explore what lies beyond her world and ultimately her universe in order to learn more about certain creatures, histories and ultimately magic as she always had a fascination with it, ever since she was a kid.

- Mavvy ever since she ultimately revealed her Ommiso origins, she wishes to reach her to the maximum level of her capabilities while also balancing it out with being there for her family and friends and better her life.

- Mavvy wishes to learn much more about her Family's origins as she gets older. She begins to make strange and interesting discoveries that are involved with her family and those before her.


"Her Kindness will not be accepted by everyone and your kindness will blind you to hidden torture"

"Patience is the key to greatness"


[Birth and Childhood:] Age 1-15

Mavvy, a simple human who stumbles into the realm of deities, but maintaining her normality and humanity, The Butterfly who wishes to be free from bias tradition and judgment, The woman who becomes her "Higher Self", much like everyone else. Mavvy was born in a local hospital within Dusky Peak, which was a city that instituted Witchcraft and Technology, in an almost glorious equilibrium. She lived a pretty modest life as a mere child, often with her half-siblings, Gin and Nakema. The three sisters, pretty opposite of personality but opposites do tend to attract. Mavvy grew with an enormous and pure fascination and zest for the very concept of Magic, as she was normally around those who have unique, supernatural abilities. Unlike Gin or Nakema growing up, Mavvy seemingly didn't have any sort of magical attributes that makes her about as mystical as the common people of Dusky peak, which also can be sort of an aversion for her, making her feel as though she wasn't anything unique like the others. Though the exploration of magical beings and witnessing her siblings unlocking their abilities at an ordinarily young age, further build her ultimate conquest to see what does the universe has to offer, building a great goal that only grew aggressively throughout her days growing up. Ultimately, Something after she was around 15 years of age, with Gin being 18, Nakema being 16 and her half-blooded twin younger brothers, Evian and Sora being around 11, both Savvy, her biological mother fought with Gin's mother, due to a lot of issues that have built up wth the fragile relationship, with Rick and Elle letting the influence of liquor cause them to have a one night stand, causing the birth of the twin brothers and Savvy's mistrust with Rick, the father of Mavvy. The two parents grew too angry with each other to remain in the same city with each other, Elle, the mother of Mavvy's half siblings decided to move away from everyone for a while as a method to came down.

[Life of Independence and Change:] Age 16-19

The siblings haven't seen each ever since then, leaving Mavvy to feel a bit lonely, though still having her biological parents by her side. For a year, she was taught how to live life on her own, usually by taking some time out of the house and have her take care of her responsibilities, and learn how to be more independent, as a tradition of the Qrillers, whenever the offspring reaches 15 years of age, they are to be taught to live on their own so when they reaches 16 years of age, they begin to live all on their own, with the parents staying behind. She was decent with living by herself, though still empty due to the separation of her siblings, having such glorious fun and care for them, she was against the idea of Elle has to just leave, ripping the family apart, though she kept a smile on her face to keep going, wishing to reunite with her siblings once more in the future. She began to leave Dusky Peak, in order to move to another capital far away from her parents in order to live an individualistic life on her own. Though, the capital she moved into was rather a bad neighborhood and wasn't exactly suitable for a woman to live in, as they aren't treated with the most respect there. Throughout her time on the side, however, she meets two girls, Mirai and Fuino, who eventually became her best friends, sharing quite a few common habits though lean to more different paths, the only three friends she grew attached too. That was a year ago, Fuino and Mirai were reported missing in action, some evidence leading to them possibly getting kidnapped by an ominous group, that targets the vulnerable, those who aren't too careful of their surroundings. Ever since her friends went missing, she grew increasingly panicky over the situation, not wishing to become a victim of the terrible organization, she began to look around quickly, in a frantic manner throughout the city to see what she could use to possibly disguise herself in order to keep herself from being targetted. Eventually, at some point in a tome she has found within the library, which seemed to be just insignificant fairytales, she began to research a spell that could allow her to become a man. Once she returns home, in a brutal act of desperation, she chanted the seemingly fictional spell, to her greatest surprise, she was to wake up as a man. This somewhat eases her mind, because that'll allow people to not target her because of her gender, but it left her bitter because she wasn't herself in the form, just in some guy's body as a defensive mechanism from the dark clutches of the organization. She decided she wished to leave the city permanently and move to hopefully a better place, but first need to gather enough money to leave the city, which took her several months of intensive job searching and frustrating working methods. Eventually, after leaving the city, she moves into a much smaller town, in which presumably it was a better lifestyle, a quiet living within a different city, missing both her siblings and now the two only friends she had back in the other city. She does, however, meet a woman named Hallie, a blue haired energetic woman who was much similar to her, personality wise, quickly they grew to be lovely friends and her life in the city was very tranquil and significantly better than the one in her old city. Some time ago, seemingly out of nowhere, Hallie's demeanor have changed gradually, such a sinister aura came from the woman, making Mavvy worry deeply at her friend. She was very confused on what have become of her, not seeing her for weeks at a time, till finally taking the initiative to see what have become of her. It was another day that has further changed this woman who already became trapped in a man's body. One day, while outside to see what was going on with her, she witnesses darkness coming out of the woman, very abnormal of someone to just having a mist of darkness coming out of her. Mavvy was very cautious, though the next moment made things very scary. Hallie suddenly then charged at her, with a knife in her hand, her face full of sudden madness and wickedness, very unlike her friend. Mavvy had no choice but to fight her off, though not having any powers to fight her off, she had to resort to running, while the darkness of her body began to become very toxic to the city, slowly buildings was beginning to rot away due to this sudden evilness, the beast within her friend taking full control of her. With no choice, Mavvy would have to use the same dagger Hallie targetted at her with to "kill" her. She manages to make a quick and swift maneuver, impaling the woman through her gut. Abruptly Hallie has fallen, with darkness violently surging out of her, as unexpectedly a demonic face was seen in the mist as suddenly it phased through her body. Mavvy had no idea what was going to happen, fearing that she was either to get possessed or possibly killed. However, the darkness just disappeared out of the area..strangely with Hallie waking up, with the same stab wound coming from Mavvy, fully healed. Hallie sees Mavvy, deep in full fear and agony, she began to run off, as next to her greatest surprise, darkness began to flow out of her body, with Mavvy being able to utilize the essence of darkness to her own advantage. Seeing the third city she lived in, just in complete idle. She just left the fragile tranquility of her home in sadness.

[Great Change/Downfall/Evolution:] Age 19-Currently

However, one day while traveling through the forest, seemingly heading to nowhere she enter a new region, a region that had a very enlightened yet very intense adventure that came ahead of her, many that have affected her positively and negativity, her life at that point was full of great astonishments. She has gotten to meet a lot of people who she grew a friendship for and a great interest for, while some she has wished she has never encountered in her life, but blamed her naive demeanor for being taken advantage off. One day, while being some of her friends and possible love interests, around the age of 18, the woman have encountered one of her long lost siblings, Nakema. She was very emotional, having to see her after so long. Nakema brought Mavvy and her friends to go meet the rest of the family, who have grown very attach to each other. She was incredibly happy, having to reunite with her family after so long. Then some time later, out of the blue, she had a vision of a mysterious alien in her dream, one that she feels was to become a huge threat to her. Slowly as the day of the mysterious revelation was upon her, she began to change slowly, with her suddenly glowing and her eyes just changing in arbitrary hues of beautiful, vivid color. The next day, she has encountered a mysterious alien, that brought an army of his union to attack Lent City, the city she now sees as her home, not wishing to lose another one or have her love ones hurt, especially after just reuniting with them after so long of being separated. Suddenly, Mavvy transformed, a blue beacon of luxurious energy emerges out of her body, suddenly her skin became silver and her hair was more curly and have gained a tail. She was to discover that she was an Ommiso, a magical alien from another galaxy far away from the one she resided in. Together with her friends, they manage to beat a man name Ultrus on both separate times, though the final time, it was a way more serious battle, as her family was taken away by Mavvy, filled with the determination to get them back, she realised that she could grow stronger in order to protect those she loved. After the defeat of Ultrus, with the help of her friends. Ever since then, she wished to become stronger, in order to be able to protect those she have a deep care and deep affection for, though, she was easily frustrated, being surrounded by people much more powerful than her and managed to beat her with such magnificent efficiency which angered her, making her low-spirited at times, which rubbed certain people the wrong way. She trained nonstop and fiercely, though maintaining a suitable light style with though she cares for, though to make matters more frustrating with her, dealing with a certain spirit who was someone she was with but couldn't take her insane behavior, having regrets of being with the woman. At some point, she has meet Tydruis , who was a proclaimed prodigy of the ommisos, the species in which she came from and recently discovered thanks to her family revealing her true species, being a half breed. She grew a great interest in his status, Epitome. She trained with him for quite a while, wishing to gain the same "privilege" as him. At some point after some of the necessarily required training, thanks to several of her masters, and surprisingly, Ultrus, the same man who at one point tried to kill her, revealed to her path, how to become an Epitome. She does eventually become one, however, the once renowned tranquility of her mind was to be struck down wildly as she left the spirit she had slowly grew detached off due to her insanity, thus, she decided to leave her and found someone else who loved her for who she least physically due to the fact she was still in male form all this time, not revealing her secret as of yet. That was her greatest mistake, as then she entered a period of great, heartless, cruel, mind bobbling ridicule, being spontaneous, physically abused by many around her, going through a period of "seasoning". Most have turned their back on her, as she grew more cynical and even more emotional due to her constant ridicule. Only a few people and her family manage to stay by her side through all of what have happened to her. Her zest for life died ever since the torment she have to go through, but she still had some light in her heart, and a massive, important lesson that she'll learn in the near future. Many more friends began to appear in her life, gradually helping her stand up and smile, after so long of going through such a great amount of pain, though still was incredibly moody at times which did still rubbed some people the wrong way. Some of her friends, however, began to further their helping, by teaching her how to finally take a stand for herself and to finally become tranquil after her mind being "unstable" after so long of being tormented and ridiculed by many due to her prematurely ending things with the "mad" spirit. Throughout her friend's constant help and loving guidance, she began to reveal her secret as finally her male form was finally "silenced" as she returned to what she was original before the spell. A few people have managed to help her, but the one who have turned Mavvy's life completely back to it's grand and beautifully lovely state of existence, was a young woman name "Mavis" who actually came from Mavvy, previously as her darkness, till she has found out what Mavis truly was, she was truly her sister being just a part of her darkness ever since Mavvy's birth. Both of the sisters have gone through everything together and truly began to embody the concept of Light and Darkness, wit hMavis being the darkness and Mavvy being the 'Light" slowly Mavvy began to mature greatly, breaking slowly from her "cocoon" that she have been in for so long due to her period of cruelty. Mavvy grew to become more confident of who she was, starting to greatly see her purpose in life while taking advantage of her " deity" status, though not being a true deity, but a woman who is still very much human at heart. Thanks to the Wisdom and eternal love of her sister, Mavvy was finally back to what she was previously, but with a much cleaner outlook of life. Many secrets have been revealed in her life, many things opened Mavvy's eyes and Mavvy still journeyed all over her surroundings to find them all out and see what more was to offer of the universe, her ultimate goal slowly coming into play. One day, Mavvy found her human genes to be discarded and replace with those of an angel, an angel that has to lose it's angelic traits and to just be a spawn of heavenly energy. Mavvy became one with the light, and her eyes were opened much wider than everything in her life, and she was fully happy again, reuniting with more of her family, meeting up with her very old friends and again and is encounter with every day's new challenges, rather on her part or her friends or family's life, but she'll always be there, gracefully doing what she believe is right. Mavvy realised through her whole life that everyone she loves so dearly is what fueled her to be what she is as of now, a beautiful angel who wish to see her bloodline grow gracefully as she has along with her enlightenment and powerful evolution, while still to this very day remain a human at heart, knowing that people who are to gain power tends to lose themselves, she doesn't see herself as anything special and very well still feels like an complete human, a common offspring of all universes. Her final goal is to be free of her chains, one which many have bound her into, a world of negativity and cold intents...she wishes to break free from that and be the beautiful butterfly to roam free, and finally bury all of her darkness away, though still remaining a human.