aka Devin T. Linder

  • I live in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is HS Student(Want to Become a Graphic Designer or Multimedia Artist)
  • I am Male
  • Mavvy-The-Ommiso

    Character Profile: 

    Full Name:

    Mavvy Automore Qriller

    Known Title(s):

    The Blue Vitality, Blushie, Maverick, The Sparkling Affinity, Icy, The Graceful Dominion, Snowball, The White Ether, The Holy Marked Goddess, The Silvered Deity, The Amiable Luminescence, The Spellbinding Feminine, The Sapphire Trinity

    Origin Of Name:

    Different Variation of her Mother's name. When Rick jokingly made up a name much identical to the mother's, the two decided to make that her name.


    January 28, Her Zodiac Sign Is Aquarius




    Black-Indian(Back earlier in her life before she was to become a lluminare, a while after her heavenly transformation, her characteristics as a human was discarded from her body, thus, she became a hybrid of the ommisos …

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