• Maple Tree

    Character Sheet

    January 8, 2015 by Maple Tree

    Name: Maia

    Species: Force of nature, godess

    Powers: Nature Embodiment, Nature Lordship, Nature Manipulation, Animal Creation, Hypercompetence

    Occupations: Managing the "true" world

    Alignment: Good

    Personality: A very kind person who looks after the natural world. She is so gental and calm just her voice can tame even the most ferocious of animals and her presence is made clear with peace in the area. She has the power to instantly fix any problem too. She will do anything to make sure everything in her territory remains in order and free of problems such as poachers, deforesters and pollution etc.

    Appearence: A young woman who is mostly found near water sources.

    Fighting Style: Turning animals on the percieved threat is the favorite fighting meth…

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