Age Around in early 30's
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type O-
Laterality Unknown
Weapon Serenity daggers

Lunar staff

Powers/Abilities Lunar Manipulation
Personal Details
Status Alive
Alias Ermac,Kotal Kahn,Reptile and Erron Black
Occupation Outworld
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Hobby Taking adventures outside
Favorite Food Anything from the forests
Family Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Height 5"6
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Umaris is an OC in the Mortal Kombat franchise.


Umaris appears as a average sized woman, red eyes, white hair and a greyist blue skin. She wears a red top that covers her chest, left ripped sleeve on her arm, vein looking pants and forearm armors. She appears to have a tree tattoo on her right arm, pointy ears and facial markings on her face.

Powers and Ablities

Her mimicry is the power of the moon.


Umaris and her magical eye, releasing black shadows from her eyes.


  • Magic: Basic magic.
  • Magical Eye : Her red eyes can powerfully take down her opponent. But it can kill her a bit, each time it happens. Causing her to have an annoying headache and pain in her eyes.
  • Animal Empathy : Umaris can feel and control the emotions of animals.



  • Lunar
  • Blood Moon
  • Serenity

Fatalities, X-rays and brutalities.


  • Third Eye: Umaris releases her magical eye power, appearing the black shadows from her eyes and impaling her opponent through the mouth and stomach and instantly pounding them into the ground with a brutal slam.
  • Blood Jam: Umaris pushes her opponent on the ground, grabbing her daggers, one dagger on the opponent's neck and another on there near crotch. After than she pulls the body from there feet, pulling them down. Leaving  there body with blood and scraped on the ground. 


  • Hypnos: Umaris turns her body and immediately grabs one dagger and stabs there skull in a crack, as the opponent falls down she stomps her feet on there ribcage, breaking it in pieces and then grabs there arm, breaking it in a way it shouldn't fold. 


  • Bottle Cap: Umaris kicks her opponent's head, flipping it backwards and the opponent falls with there head finally falling off.
  • Stripes and Cuts: In her Blood Moon variation. Umaris equips her daggers and slicing her opponent's head into stripes in a fast pace. Leaving there head like brisket.