Age 29 in human years.
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type O
Laterality Unknown
Weapon Rose Blade
Powers/Abilities Ghost Mimicry
Personal Details
Status Alive
Alias Val
Occupation Servant
Affiliation Lord Shinnok
Hobby Writing in personal journal
Favorite Food Cherries
Family None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Minty green
Height 5"0
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Valeriane Umbria Sakifinda is half human and a half supernatural demon.
"I know you're an Elder God. But you should know that there are fates worst then death."
― Val says as she feels sorrowful.

She is a character that is in the Mortal Kombat franchise.(She is only a OC. She isn't a offical character in MK) She is the servant of Shinnok and the Netherrealm. 


Val appears has a pale woman in her early 30's. Medium average height and a average body. She has black raven med


Val with her scars on her arms.

ium hair, menacing look and minty green eyes. Although her apperance takes a form mostly human looking and has little demonic looks, rather her soulness look in her eyes. She wears black clothing, a black cardigan jacket and white gloves to cover her arms. (I mostly wanted to make her gothic looking and beautiful yet dark.)

Val often covers her arms with her silk white gloves due to her cuts that she creates from depression and other certain reasons. 


She is usually calm and polite around others and herself. Yet sometimes she can become a bit emotionless at times, abusive to herself and a bit psychotic to demented events. But she is mostly careless around others.

Powers and Ablities   

Val can manipulate supernatural physicology and dark magics. But she cannot fully take on the full power of a supernatural demon since she is also half human. 

She can control teleportation in a fast pace as she turns into black smoke while disappearing into thin air.

She is a mostly a powerful psyhic and has the ablity of Precognition. She can only see events that might occur to herself or others. But cannot see future events of physical matter. 


Val was born in the Netherrealm as an orphan, no parents and no related peers. As a child she ran away from the orphanage she grew from and continued her life, surviving in the Netherrealm, alone and brave. 

Until she was offered a home by a demon sorcercer, Quan Chi. But that would include her being his servant, in which she accepted. Although her life with him wasn't so balenced, it was worth it. She had to be around revenants, which were Quan Chi's undead slaves. They did not treat her well and that included her becoming more like careless. 

Until Quan Chi died, her service ended with him but she had to serve her newer master, Shinnok. When Shinnok attempted to rule Earthrrealm, it failed obviously. But when he fell into conscious and being turned back to normal rather than his corrupted form. Val managed to save him.