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    May 5, 2016 by Madison Geronimo

    Umaris is an OC in the Mortal Kombat franchise.

    Umaris appears as a average sized woman, red eyes, white hair and a greyist blue skin. She wears a red top that covers her chest, left ripped sleeve on her arm, vein looking pants and forearm armors. She appears to have a tree tattoo on her right arm, pointy ears and facial markings on her face.

    Her mimicry is the power of the moon.

    • Magic: Basic magic.
    • Magical Eye : Her red eyes can powerfully take down her opponent. But it can kill her a bit, each time it happens. Causing her to have an annoying headache and pain in her eyes.
    • Animal Empathy : Umaris can feel and control the emotions of animals.

    • Lunakinetic Combat
    • Lunar Healing
    • Moon Blocking
    • Teleportion

    • Lunar
    • Blood Moon
    • Serenity

    • Third Eye: Umaris releases …

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  • Madison Geronimo

    Valeriane Umbria Sakifinda is half human and a half supernatural demon.

    She is a character that is in the Mortal Kombat franchise.(She is only a OC. She isn't a offical character in MK) She is the servant of Shinnok and the Netherrealm. 


    Val appears has a pale woman in her early 30's. Medium average height and a average body. She has black raven med

    ium hair, menacing look and minty green eyes. Although her apperance takes a form mostly human looking and has little demonic looks, rather her soulness look in her eyes. She wears black clothing, a black cardigan jacket and white gloves to cover her arms. (I mostly wanted to make her gothic looking and beautiful yet dark.)

    Val often covers her arms with her silk white gloves due to her c…

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