• Macalvin101


    March 11, 2016 by Macalvin101

    One above all is made up of nothingness and the Omni verse fills that nothingness .he is the physical representation of the Omni verse. He is Omnipotent in the Omni verse .his ultimate form is an orb that is the Omni verse and nothingness. similar to alien x only darker with multiverses filling the void].only the living tribunal can see him in his ultimate form, considering it has a similar structure to his. Anyone else who sees his true form is overwhelmed by the power radiating off him .they will be sucked into his body and scattered somewhere in the Omni verse ,their memory wiped clean .he covers the whole Omni verse in a protective barrier.[outside and last barrier in the Omniverse]

    Humanoid form is seen as darkness with universes swirli…

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