• Lord Ghetsis

    Name: Mundus

    Aliases: The Great Cosmic Force 

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. May appear to be Chaotic Evil

    Theme/Encounter music: (Cosmic Storm form)- "What Can You See in Their Eyes" Bleach OST.

    (True Alien form):

    Mundus seeks to consume the multiverse and recreate everything to the way he likes it. He is a chaotic force of unimaginable evil.

    Cosmic Manipulation


    Black Hole Physiology

    Energy Physiology

    Cosmic Physiology



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  • Lord Ghetsis

    Dark Creator is a primal entity and the father of all evil, predating even the Creation of the omnipotent Creator for he represents the darkness and emptiness before creation. He is surpasses only by the Creator himself and soughts to corrupt and taint the Creator's work with his evil out of jealousy and hatred. 

    Nigh Omnipotence - The limits of his powers are unknown though they are always overridden by the Creator.

    Nigh Omniscience - He is aware of almost anything happening across multiple realities and timelines.

    Nigh Omnipresence -He can appear and fight in multiple realities, dimensions and timelines.

    Anti-God - Represents the darkness before creation.

    Chaotic Form - Just his mere presence can alter and distort the fabric of reality e.g. c…

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