Nero Devil May Cry 4 by Jo Chen

A general idea of an Accursed's appearance.

Entry #261: The Accursed.

Accursed are a relatively new race of demons, notable for actually being halfbloods with an affinity for their demonic halves. Accursed are notoriously sinful, not just for the sheer pleasure of it, but because indulging in sin grants them a brief boost to their already considerable abilities. It is worth noting that Accursed generally have one Primary Sin from which they glean the most benefit, hence their seven variations. Accursed combine the natural brutality of demons with the selfish and cunning nature of humans, making them a particularly dangerous breed of demon, even more so than the other two-hundred and sixty other species of demon combined.

One of the most dangerous aspects of Accursed is their Dark Impetus, alternatively known as Rapid Evolution. The Dark Impetus accelerates natural evolution to thousands of useful adaptations in a matter of miliseconds, which carries the downside of them requiring a much, much larger calorie intake. However, also worth noting is that they cannot age naturally, for the same reasons they must eat several banquets' worth of food every day. It is believed that the average Accursed will reach peak evolution by their thousandth year, and that from that point on, they will be able to fight on the level of reality-warping demigods, even though they themselves cannot evolve reality-warping abilities (note: it has been observed that the few who have reached the peak of their evolution show an extreme resistance to reality-warping, bordering on full immunity).

There are only two ways to identify an Accursed, and you should not label them thusly unless both attributes are present: their dominant arm is coated in demon hide, has bones protruding from it (in the case of Pride and Wrath Accursed), and is generally blatantly inhuman. Also, any true Accursed will display a tendency towards indulgence in one or more of the seven deadly sins, knowingly and willingly dipping into these acts. If the subject does not display both tendencies, it is likely they are a Sinner (see Entry #107), or just incredibly malformed, depending on which attribute is present and which is absent.

Generally, Accursed are unique in that they all evolve down different paths. But all carry the following abilities by default:

Self Osteokinesis, Rapid Evolution ,Natural Weaponry ,Demon Hide , Self Hemokinesis .

It is worth noting that these abilities are also the bare minimum of an Accursed's abilities. It is highly likely you will meet an accursed with a far greater arsenal should you seek Accursed with which to battle.

More studies will be held to examine the full extent of the Accursed's power. Until then, this is the full extent of our collective knowledge on the race known as the Accursed.