"You hurt one of my precious harem... no excuses! It's the strip penalty for you!"

                                  -Nanako Kizuhara

Name: Nanako Kizuhara (菜々子Kizuhara)

Aliases: The Technician, The Strip Artist, The Harem Queen, Mistress of Yuri.

Age: 18.

Allignment: Neutral Good.

Affiliations: De Facto Leader of "Akiba Freedom Fighters," though officially just a member like everyone else.

Occupation: Part-timer at one of the many GAMER stores in Akihabara.

Gender: Female.

Marital Status: Unmarried (still has V card, despite best efforts).

Preferences: Female.

Likes: Yuri, her "harem," protecting the women of Akiba.

Dislikes: Rapists (of any sex), murderers, when members of her "harem" get hurt.

Motto: "Yuri is ultimate justice!"

Quotes: "The only thing I hunt is tail." "I'm wearing steel-toed boots, your crotch is wide open, take a wild guess where this is going." "I don't care if you're a girl, a guy, or a hermaphrodite, I don't suffer rapists in my precious Akiba." "I've always wanted to *censor bar here* an older woman."

Hobbies: Being a chivalrous pervert, being bold, stripping evildoers with her insanely powerful sword (which somehow doesn't even scratch the skin beneath unless intended to harm the wearer).

Talents: Turns stripping into an artform (see "Strip Artist" above), can defeat foes of much higher caliber through her insane skill with what powers she does have, is a complete and total nerd (which is far more useful than you'd think, making her quite genre savvy).

Abilities: Superhuman Condition , Invulnerability  (with the exception of sunlight exposure), Longevity , Combat Prowess .

Powers: Umbral Aura (via her sword's power).

Background: Once a humble otaku, Nanako's life was as normal (at least, by Akihabara standards) as could be. Until she applied for a shady job, which was offering rare yuri manga as payment. It was around that time that her life got interesting. On the third day after she went missing, she woke to find herself strapped to a table, and being greeted by a shady man in a snappy suit, who went on to tell her about the contract she had signed, and that she had been revived as a manmade vampire of sorts, without a bloodthirst, but with the nasty weakness to sunlight. A Synthister. When demanded to hunt life force, her only reply was thus, "By the feeling in my feet, you forgot to take my boots off. Not smart."

((More later.))