: Galeion Paterson

Powers: Omnipotence Embodiment and Author Authority.

Abilities: Omniscience

Alignment: True Neutral

Motto: "I exist beyond everything you can and cannot imagine"

Quotes: "People are so desperate to be powerful through creating absolutes, but they don't realize that absolutes are another limitation"

"An existence beyond existence, a conceptual identity beyond concepts, a superpower beyond superpowers, I've provided you with enough information to understand me"

"Pataphysics is such an infinitesimal system, sometimes it feels as if I should have forgotten it existed."

"Prime Origin? Such pretentious balderdash that is as far below me as a human to a god."

Occupation: Undisputed ruler of all realities fictional and nonfictional, The progenitor of everything that exist and doesn't exist, 'The System' that everything and anything must adheres to.

Origin: To ineffable for anybody to even remotely comprehend, but the information everybody needs to gain an iota of comprehensibility is that Galeion is the undisputed ruler of the Suggverse which accompanies every reality that has, is, or will ever exist and even those that never will or even any in a dual state of both.