• Lionel Suggs

    Character Sheet

    December 27, 2014 by Lionel Suggs

    Name: Galeion Paterson

    Powers: Omnipotence Embodiment and Author Authority.

    Abilities: Omniscience

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Motto: "I exist beyond everything you can and cannot imagine"

    Quotes: "People are so desperate to be powerful through creating absolutes, but they don't realize that absolutes are another limitation"

    "An existence beyond existence, a conceptual identity beyond concepts, a superpower beyond superpowers, I've provided you with enough information to understand me"

    "Pataphysics is such an infinitesimal system, sometimes it feels as if I should have forgotten it existed."

    "Prime Origin? Such pretentious balderdash that is as far below me as a human to a god."

    Occupation: Undisputed ruler of all realities fictional and nonfictional, …

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