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aka Cody Cartwright

  • I live in Rather Not Say
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is Radiation Therapist
  • I am Male
  • Lightbuster30
    • Name: Derren Malloy
    • Species: Human
    • 'Allignment': Chaotic Neutral, freelance power user, tends to cause trouble, serves only his Mistress, whom is an immortal with powers over the light, whom he owes an debt to, though over time his loyalties became true, to anyone else not his mistress, friends, nor family, he could betray them at any time.
    • 'Personality': Serville Snarker around his mistres, tends to generally be unsuprised by most things, and displays an cunning wit both in his social, and working life. Can betray those he holds no true loyalty at any time simply because he feels like it.troublemaker, when not serving those near him, often being found beating up street thugs, or being chased by police. Tries to spare his opponenets in fights …
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  • Lightbuster30

    Name: Nyu - Eiji

    Aliases: The Reincarnated

    Species: A former God reincarnated in the soul of a mortal human known as Nyu - Eiji. Literally meaning New Age.

    Powers: Fire Manipulation /Flame Intangibility/Twilight Flame Manipulation/Flames that travel through dimensions/Weaknessless Fire Thanks to discovering the secrets of fire he has cast aside all weaknesses associated with it  by putting his flames and body into a new state. His flames in this state now self sustaining ,  At this stage the fire burns so intensly that it becomes 1000 times the temperature of the core of the sun in celcius. They can in twilight mode burn anything even concepts into nothingness. They are pink in color, in this mode Nyu can also tranform objects into fire for h…

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  • Lightbuster30

    Ok as you know there are many broken powers on this wiki, Omnipotence, Ultipotence, Omnilock, Conceptual Powers, and many more. This is a blog to try and talk about those powers and how they really work. In spite of their own definitions there still reamains some things unknown.

    Secondary theme which Omnipotent power would you want most. Note actual OP, OPC, OPE, or Monoetheistic Deitys are not allowed cause they automaitcally give you OP it has to be powers that are capable of OP but instantly OP.

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  • Lightbuster30

    Hello my name is lightbuster30 and recently the higher ups nhave taken away our right to remain anonymous. plenty of people here might be anons with accounts because they don't want to do anyhing dumb as someone who signed in. All I need is 150 people or more plus an anon to support if you do then comment yes on the blog. if you are fine with this new change then there is no need to comment at all. 

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  • Lightbuster30

    This is a blog to discuss which of the three listed elements you think is best. Please use facts or historical events associated with the element to support youir reasoning. You are allowed to use different forms of the element to support your reasoning. Unless you have a good reason to I will not tolerate insults to other elements or other people based on their beliefs. Comparison of two elements is acceptable but don't take it too far.

    Ok here is a secondary theme. What is your favorite element? Like not the most powerful but just basically which element is your favorite. Not in terms of power just your favorite based on your opinion not facts. New theme is for more comments.

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