name: Zack Smith

other aliases: god's wraith 

Gangster cyborg by joed rtman

zack smith on the hunt


Personality Traits: Morbid,Strange, Dark

alignment: Chaotic evil

Weapons: an army combat  knife and a plasma rifle 

powers: artificial martial arts,technological possession

Weaknesses: EMPs, lava, korr

Attire: mostly destroyed suit, fedora

Bio: zack was once a big named crime boss, that was of course until he met korr. after his death by korr's hands, zack was reborn has a cyborg by the Hum'ith. with nothing but a knife and a plasma rifle made out of an alien material, he spends his new life tracking down korr and to get his revenge. 

Useful Information: 

being a cyborg, zack is nearly immortal. but he can be killed. 

zack is now made out of an alien metal, only weapons sharp enough to cut through comets  can pierce his new body.