name: Damien Gold

other aliases: war

age: young adult 

Personality Traits: Morbid,dark, hateful

Estonian soldier DA-SD-06-03436 c1

Damien during his days in the service

alignment: chaotic good

theme song:

'Weapons:'''' can use most types of weapons. weapon of choice is an ak-47 and a combat knife

powers: weapon proficiencywar empowermentwar manipulationwar embodimentenhanced combatwar inducementweapon creationarmy manipulationPain EmpowermentPain SuppressionHatred EmpowermentFire Manipulation,

Weaknesses: gets pissed off a lot, korr, death, peace, and kindness.

Attire: army uniform, war's dog-tags

Bio: Damien had an average up-raising and childhood. he did the normal action of murdering his whole family when he was 12. when he turned 18, he joined the army. after serving eight years in the middle east he returned to the world he hated. goodness and peace filled his heart with hate. it was a gift from heaven when he found war's dog-tags, he know he had found his way to help the world.

Useful Information: 

goodness and peace fill his heart with hate

hates korr, claims he has no place on the team.