The Hum'ith are an alien race who have been around since the beginning of time. 

The Hum'ith were a peaceful species. they kept themselves protected with their back-door dealings and mob connections. 

July 11, 3016: the Hum'ith's home planet of humtel was nearly destroyed   when two men came crashing down onto the planet. the two men were later reveled to be Zack smith  and Korr

July 12th, 3016: the Hum'ith realized that one man had survived the fall. After 3 weeks recovering in the hospital, he vanished before he could be arrested for his crimes. 

July 15th, 3016: The humtel fell into disaster. the economy fell, the environment was set a blazes and humlier was brought back from the dead. at this point, the hum'ith decided it was time to find their killer and end him. 

July 20th, 3016: Zack Smith was resurrected. He made a deal with the hum'ith, they make his crime vanish and let him live, he takes care of Korr.  
Orange alien by angel5art-d4bge82

A normal Looking Hum'ith

Project universe alien planet by archange1michael-d7ybov2