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name: unknown (calles himself plague when talking in the third-person)

other aliases: pestilence 


a horsemen on a walk


Personality Traits:crazy, morbid, creepy, loner, friendly (if he likes you)

alignment: chaotic good 

theme song: creepyass song

Weapons: magic, his hands, knifes

powers: sickness auradisease inducementpestilence embodimentsanity theftdisease accelerationFear FormFear ManifestationFear PerceptionFear BreathFear EmpowermentPhobia CreationFearlessnessHallucination Solidification

Weaknesses: doctors, healing magic, anything healthy or clean 

Attire: gasmask, long black robes,

Bio: plague's origins are a mystery to the horsemen, but it is said he may have been around since the black plague in europe. 

Useful Information: 

he can sometimes be seen walking around with a plague doctor mask on

it is unknown what gives him his powers.

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