name: paul the dark lord

other aliases: the watcher, the orignal horsemen 

age: lives outside the realms of time, so none



Personality Traits: mysterious, strange, old english

alignment: neutral 

Weapons: none

powers: omni-empowermentomni-sensesmental presencepossessiontemporal lockabsolute immortality

Weaknesses: none

Attire: black suit, red tie, 

Bio: paul has existed since the begning of time. around the the 7th century, he got bored and created four men to be sent down and cause panic for him to watch. when one dies, he found a worthy human to take his place.

Useful Information: 

paul is immortal

paul can create an mortal avatar to interact with the world

when in his mortal form, paul can look like anyone.

he doesn't have the ablity to possess his own creations.