Korr Ashford
Basic Info
Alias(es) Conquest, The Technomancer, Zack
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race White
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday July 11th
Blood Type Type AB
Main Ability Elemental Manipulation
Personal Data
Birthplace Somewhere in the U.S.A
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) PaulPlagueWarJohn CaineFamineAdam ConstantineAmy ScottJames
Occupation(s) Leader of the five horsemen
Base of Operations Anywhere there is trouble and/or fun.

Korr is the leader of the Five horsemen. A group of five abnormal Humans who have gained supernatural powers.


One day, Korr traveled to his regular bookstore and found the place deserted, except for a small box sitting on the counter, with a note on top that read "FREE". Korr grabbed it and ran out the door,  Opening the box, Korr found himself in front of a man who had some kind of holy presence about him. There he was told his destiny, a destiny to be the next incarnation of Conquest, a destiny to take over the world once again. He awoke in his bed. Korr sits up, still trying to process what he just dreamed about. He hears a knock at the door. After opening the door, a weird man in a cloak barged in. After a couple of hours of the guy asking questions and searching the house, The guy grabbed a box of tea and Korr's laptop and just left. Korr later learned he now was a master at the swordsmanship and could use the elements to his will.



Korr dresses like any other teenage. Blue jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, And sneakers. Korr can always be found with the relic, or his dragon necklace, hanging around his neck.




Girls, video games, fun, swords, pop-rock music, 


Assholes (people), mean people, country music, Justin Beiber, War (the horseman)


Video gaming, Chess, Building Stuff, Video Games 




  • The relic
  • SSE Normandy
  • Azrael and orisis (his swords)
  • His Time Wristwatch
  • The Foreseeing Goggles


Korr tends to use elemental-based attacks mixed in with sword slashes and Hand to hand in his fights. 


  • Is still mortal.
  • Removal of the relic causes him to lose his powers.
  • His sword blades can break, will only slow him down a little.


  • Korr may be the leader of the horsemen, but he is not the strongest among them
  • Has technically died five times
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