name: Tristan Heisen

other aliases: Famine

age: young adult

Personality Traits:morbid, creepy, strange, 

alignment: chaotic good

theme song: fairly local

Weapons: spoons, fist

powers: famine inducementfamine embodimenthunger empowermentdesire augmentationgluttony inducementspoon manipulationAlcohol EmpowermentHigh Empowerment

Weaknesses: being full, fat people, death

Attire: sunglasses, wristbands, jeans, t-shirt, hood,

Bio: one very weird day for Tristan was when he woke up after a night of party on his 21 birthday with a strange man with goggles sitting across from him. the man explained that since the last one starved himself to death, a new famine was needed. Tristan was then handed a spoon and his life was changed forever.

Useful Information: 

ironically, he loves to eat.

is the only one in the group to not have his powers given to him by a wearable object.

he gets his powers from a spoon. yes, a fucking spoon. it was the closest thing nearby when the last famine died.

Loves to party. 


goes out partying in this alot