Name: Adam Constantine

Other Aliases: none 

Age: 480, looks 25

Personality Traits:  morbid, crazy, weird, cool


adam showing off

Personal Quotes: "you, my good chap, are a treat."

Theme Songimmortals

alignment: Chaotic good

Calling cards: leaving bit marks in his victim's necks.

Weapons: his cane, anything he has near him, others emotions and memories  

 Powers: vampire physiologyblood consumptionblood manipulationblood resistancehemoprotein regenerationblood empowermenttranscendent vampire physiologypushingnight visionflightenhanced combatmental projection

Unique Abilitydaytime walking

Weaknesses: being without blood for 78 hours, 

Damascus axios sword cane detail

Adam's cane

Attire: can almost always be seen wearing a suit with bowtie, top hat, and his cane. when he is not wearing this outfit, he is most likely wearing pajamas or casual clothes to fit into the modern day.

Bio: when Adam was 25, he became very sick with smallpox in his home country of Poland. Adam was on the brink of death when a strange women approached him and his parents. after asking strange questions like: "how close is he to death?" and "is he a virgin?", Adam could feel a pain in his neck before everything went black. he woke some time later, not in his house and feeling greater than ever. Adam has since been searching for the women. during one of his searches, he met and become great friends with a strange man with goggles.

Useful Information: 

while he doesn't age and is immortal, he can be killed by going blood dry for a really long time.

can fly at the speed of light

his cane doubles as a sword 

he may be from Poland, but he has a British accent.