Name: John Caine

Other Aliases: Johnny Caine, JC, Sherlock caine


John Caine

Personality Traits: Friendly (to trusted allies), 

Age: 95 (looks 21)

Personal Quotes: "Either you shut the fuck up or I shoot you in the head", "You're under arrest."

Theme Songa noir feel

alignment: Lawful Good

Calling Card: None

Weapons: can use many weaponsprefers the Colt M1911 and the Smith and Wesson model 27

Colt-m1911 3

gun 1

Smith and wesson

gun 2

Powers: Lie DetectionWeakness DetectionPower DetectionSpecies DetectionPhotographic DeductionEnhaned InvestigationSemi-immortality

Unique Ability: Mystery Solving

Weaknesses: May sometimes be behind the times, Bullets, 

Attire: Trench coat, Fedora, Dress vest, pants and shoes, tie

Bio: John was born in 1920 to a poor family in new york, He joined the NYPD at 18. When he turned 21, John was sent to investigate a noise complaint near Time Square. After arriving at the location, He entered to see nothing but an empty apartment buidling. Entering, he was transported to the year 2016. After bumping into some up and coming heros, he found a way back home. John later realized while working on another case that he had  advance mental powers. 

Useful Information: 


Has a hard time trusting people

His powers make him act like an asshole sometimes.