Name: Jillintor Naze

Other Names: The swift dark,

Female assassin by tysho-d3lkdld


Age: Unknown

Personal traits: Strange, Dark, Non-Trusting

'alignment: chaotic evil '

Weapons:' Daggers, dual-weidling plasma pistols, A Sword,

powers: Alien Beast Manipulation, Xenolingualism, Shapeshifting,  Shapeshifting Combat,

Unique Ability: weapon Proficiency

'Weakness: powerful EMPs,electricity, anyone who can see through her morphing ability.

Attire: A high-Tech Alien Power suit, Matching Mask

Bio: jillintor was Born to a human mother and a Crix'am father. At the age of ten, she was nearly killed for being part alien or "Mud blood" has they called her. When she turned 18, she joined the galactic military where she gained her power suit. on March 23, 3023. She Learned that her home planet had been completely destroyed by Zack Smith. From that moment on, she vowed to track down Zack and end the abomination 

Useful information: 

Her suit allows her to become anyone or anything she wants, Voice and all.

She can speak all known languages  in the known universe, She can learn one fast if she needs to.

Is half human, half Crix'am